8 Types Of Sex Men Only Have With Girls They Don't Care About

8 types of sex men only have with girls they don't care

Let's face the truth ladies – sex is wonderful. But there's a difference between sex and making love.

When you're having sex it can be with the first guy you meet in the bar, when you're making love there's emotions involved. So how do you tell if a man is just having a fling with you or if he's doing it because he loves you?

Here are some types of sex that will prove he only wants one thing and will leave you once he gets it.

1. There is no eye contact

When two people make love, they look each other in the eye.

Even the top dog will during intercourse, but when you realize that your guy hasn't looked you in the eye once, that means he only wants one thing and then he's going to disappear.

That means you're only good for him for casual sex and he doesn't take you seriously.

2. When he gets what he wants, he brags about it

A guy who respects his wife won't tell his friends about having sex with her.

It's okay to tell your best friend that you've taken the relationship to a new level, but you shouldn't be okay with them bragging about it to every new person they meet.

Especially when he describes all the details from the bed and portrays you as a slut who just wants sex.

3. He skips foreplay

If a man skips foreplay, it means he doesn't like you that much.

It doesn't matter to him what you feel or what you want and he just wants to satisfy his needs. In truth, he really just wants to get inside you, climax, and then run away.

And you'll never want to be in a relationship with a man like that.

4. He wants orgies and threesomes

When a man loves a woman, he only wants to make love to her.

He doesn't want other people on engage in sexual intercourse. That's called respect. But when you catch your husband suggesting that you two invite another woman into your bedroom, that means he doesn't care about you and just wants to try new things.

So again, he only cares about himself and doesn't think about your needs.

5. He doesn’t give a fuck if you come

His motto in life is: ”Me, me and me again!”

It matters doesn't tell him if you're okay and he just wants himself to be okay. For him, sex is something that only has to satisfy him and that's it.

He doesn't care what you want and what you need, so he will never bother to make you climax. What an ass, right?

6. He's too rough 

A little spanking never hurts anyone, but if he crosses the line, you shouldn't let him in your bed again.

It means he wants to get whatever he wants without even asking you if he can. If he's too rough then he doesn't care if he hurts you and has no intention of stopping until he comes.

You should NEVER accept this kind of behavior, so better stay away from him as much as possible.

7. He doesn’t listen to your requests

If you ask him to try a new position and he refuses, it means he doesn’t care about you.

For him, his way is the only one and he always sticks to it. He only wants to do things he likes and he doesn't listen to what you have to say.

That's a big red rag and he doesn't want anything serious with you and you end up you just an affair for him.

8. He leaves as soon as he gets what he wants

If a man loves a woman, he will always sleep with her after sex. But if your guy runs home as soon as he gets what he wants, then something is wrong.

He didn't come to you because he loves you, but because he wanted to get laid. And after his urges are satisfied, he will leave and never call you back. Such an asshole!

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