8 steps to becoming a submissive wife

8 steps, to become a submissive wife

Pronouncing the words submissive wife conjures up associations of being weak, dependent, indecisive and possibly unhappy .

But the truth is that the meaning of a submissive woman is completely twisted and has nothing to do with being weak or dependent.

Instead, it's about being strong enough to overcome any marital challenges and take the marriage to another level.

And it takes a strong woman to handle it and to be able to adapt to the situation or accept it.

The advantages of a submissive wife:

A marriage with a submissive wife is unique. It is based on traditional values ​​that are more than welcome in today's modern world where real values ​​are being replaced by artificial values.

Being submissive means being your husband's passionate lover , his greatest support and selfless helper.

We all know how women have been told in the past that their place is in the kitchen while the girls; nner the hunters were.

Women were obliged to take care of the children, cook, clean and do all other household chores and chores around the house, their husbands and their children.

We forgot that mother being is the hardest job in the world.

Only a great woman can be in control.

Yes, only a brave and strong woman can be a wife, a mother, a counselor, a nurse and all the other things necessary for a stable marriage.

There is nothing wrong with a woman being a housewife having the most difficult job in the world.

On the contrary, in today's world it has become a MUST if you want your marriage to be successful and work properly .

But if you don’t have the privilege of being a housewife, there are other ways to support your husband and nurture the marriage (which we will mention later ).

By being submissive, you will bring harmony to marriage and your husband, and your children will be the happiest sons and daughters in the whole world.

Your husband will treat you like his queen.

Another benefit of becoming a submissive woman is that your man will treat you like his queen will.

When he sees your dedication to your marriage and children, he will treat you with the utmost respect.

Your man will appreciate your effort and dedication and will never miss an opportunity to acknowledge it.

He will always find new ways to surprise you and make you feel to be the only woman in the world. Because for him – it is you.

He will consider you his goddess and greatest support when he is feeling down. Not only will he tell you that he loves you, he will prove it with his actions.

It's really hard to achieve such perfect harmony in marriage and that's why becoming a submissive wife will be the best decision.

Here are 8 steps to help you to submit to your husband and become the guardian angel of the family:

1. She makes sure everything is under control in her household

The goal of a submissive wife is to create an oasis that will be the most comfortable place for her and her family.

Do you know that feeling of security when you enter someone's house? ? This feeling is one's exertion and positive energy that fills the whole house.

Shopping, making lunch, cleaning the house, preparing packed lunches for husband and children are beautiful and at the same time challenging tasks, and it takes a strong woman to make decisions for her family.

By taking care of the food and overall household chores, she improves the quality of their lives.

Because of her, her children or her husband are happy today because they are blessed to have her have.

You must understand that each and every task plays an enormous role in your life together. And when your husband is at work, that doesn't make you any less dominant.

On the contrary, your job in the house is more demanding than any other job. To be in control you need to be organized and adaptable; you have to be able to improvise, etc.

2. Sex is a mutual thing

When it comes to sexual intimacy, many people think that submissive wives will do whatever their partner asks them to do.

No. A submissive woman knows simply how to have fun in joys and share love with her man.

She trusts him a lot and it helps her experience intimacy more intensely.

Sex is not just another task like some modern marriages are.

A submissive wife relies on her husband’s affection to help her understand the bigger picture.

She doesn’t immediately reject her husband’s desires because she wants to try to fulfill them understand and act accordingly.

But that doesn't mean she will accept anything he suggests.

no A submissive wife is open to new experiences because she knows that compromise and acceptance will only make her bond stronger.

She submits to her husband because she is confident and the knows the true value of intimacy.

3. She supports her husband

A submissive wife supports her husband because she is strong enough to cheer him up when he needs it most and show him when he's wrong.

You should never tell your husband judge whatever he does because it will create a huge rift in your marriage that will be difficult to fix.

However, you don't have to support him if you think he is wrong .

But you don't have to yell at him either. A submissive wife knows when to talk and when to be silent.

If something inconsequential happens, you don't need to scream and destroy everything you've built.

The best decision is to let it go, because nothing can be improved by shouting.


But if you feel that he is doing something wrong, you should always tell him.

A submissive wife supports her husband when he is doing something right does, but she also redirects her husband when he starts going the wrong way.

4. She believes in a healthy lifestyle

A submissive wife knows what is best for her family.

She knows that the modern lifestyle severely affects the quality of time with her husband.


That's why she doesn’t want to write to someone all the time or spend time on social networks.

She values ​​her free time with her husband and she wants to spend it in the best way possible. same way.

A submissive wife will plan regular nature trips and long walks to improve her health and recharge her batteries for the challenges ahead.

A submissive Savory woman doesn’t let anyone complain about how unhappy they are because she can always find a way to cheer up others along with herself. And that's the beauty of her.

She will always give 100% to find a solution and help you overcome your biggest fears and problems.

5. A submissive woman sets boundaries in subtle ways

I repeat, being submissive doesn't mean doing everything you're told. No.

A submissive woman sets her own boundaries and the main difference is that with these boundaries she is not trying to protect herself but to protect herself and her man .

If her husband insists on something but she thinks it's wrong, she will explain to him why she thinks so and help him to understand her opinion.

In this way, she bets Boundaries because she won't let him impose his beliefs on her.

He will always know her boundaries and opinions on something and he will respect them.

A submissive woman knows that coldness and restraint will prove nothing. She knows that nobody will take you seriously if you act childish.

That's why she always takes the opportunity to give her opinion on something without being pushy. This is how she protects herself and keeps her marriage happy.

6. She is surrounded by positive people

A submissive woman knows that friends play an important role in her marriage.

Being surrounded by positive people becomes both her and herself be of advantage to her husband.

She will not allow toxic behavior into her home because she cares about herself and her husband.

When she is feeling down she will call her best friend to help her solve the problem and feel better.

Or she will wait until she can talk to her husband and calmly explain what is bothering her.

And if she has to burst into tears in front of her husband, she will because she knows that tears are the best natural cleanser for her soul.

She never will screaming and transferring negative energy to her husband.

Positivity and happiness are her top priorities and she will always make sure not to forget that.

She avoids stressful situations, is always surrounded by positive people and expresses emotions in a healthy way.

7. A submissive woman always gives her man some space

She will always make sure to give her man some space because she understands that everyone has some time for themselves. r needs herself to recharge.

That's why she will never blame her husband if he decides to have a guys night out with his friends.

She understands his need to drink beer, eat chips and talk about man things with his boys and she will never try to change that.

A submissive; Mature wife doesn’t feel any less worthy when her husband decides to spend a night with his friends instead of her. Instead whiteß she knows that this is the only way for a healthy marriage to function.

She knows that giving her husband some space is the ultimate sign of love and affection for him. And he will do his best to show how much he appreciates her.

8. She lets her husband lead the way, but she is the one who redirects when needed

A submissive wife will always let her husband lead the way or choose something because it is so is less stressful.

When two people are extremely stubborn, even the most trivial thing becomes impossible to solve.

A submissive wife knows that , by letting her husband make decisions and lead the way, she reduces the chance of constant conflict.

She knows that the quality of her marriage depends on them alone depends on you and you need to find a way to make it work.

That doesn't mean that when you see things going in the wrong direction, you won't keep quiet. No.

She may let her husband lead the way, but she will always redirect him if necessary. And that's the beauty of marriage and true love.

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