8 Signs You're Not Just Having Sex, You're Making Love

8 signs that you don’t just have sex, but make love

It is often not easy to distinguish between sex and making love. Some say it's the same thing, just different paraphrases.

But there's a big difference, and that's the level of intimacy.

But if you want a deeper connection and Sharing intimacy with your partner as a carnal pleasure is making love.

When a relationship is fresh, it's even harder to tell the difference. You haven't gone through the stage where you are too open about everything and want to take it easy.

Nevertheless, there are some revealing indicators that you are not just into sex have, but make love that makes everything clearer:

1. There's a lot of eye contact

His gaze travels all over your body, but there are moments when he looks deep into your eyes.

This is a way to connect with you and build intimacy. He wants to know that you feel the same way he does.

If you close your eyes, he will pay attention to your lips and facial expressions.

He wants to make sure that you enjoy it and he knows that your eyes and your face can answer that for him.

2. The choice of position makes the difference

If you are in the beginning of a relationship and he starts doing positions like doggy style or asks you to do reverse cowgirl or some other position that avoids eye contact, then he is not making love, it's just sex.

A man who wants to show how much you mean to him will start with something as simple as doing the missionary or cowgirl so he can look you in the eye.

He knows you both so you will be much closer during and after the act.

When making love, he wants to show you his affection, even if you switch positions and he takes you from behind, then kissing your neck or finding a way for you to turn around to face him.

< h2>3. Foreplay or its absence says a lot

If a man wants more than sex, he will value foreplay more than anything else. He knows you care and he wants to find a way to extend your pleasure.

So he will probably start with kissing and then slowly undress you and then move on to petting.

He knows that it is not only important for you to be more intimate, but also , so you can have an orgasm at the end.

4. Lots of kissing

When feelings are involved, lots of kissing will play a part in making love.

He will want to kiss every part of your body to show his affection. Someone who just wants sex won't care too much about kisses.

5. He will take it slow

If a man likes you, he will take his time and enjoy every moment with you.

There is a relationship between you right chemistry and your sexual relationship is full of passion and by taking it slow he wants to keep that passion going for as long as possible.

When a man has feelings for you there are no quickies and jabs to get to the final score.

6. Your satisfaction is more important to him than his own

He wants to be sure that he can make you orgasm, so he will do everything in his power to make that happen reach.

He may even ask you directly if you came and if you enjoyed it, because for him your satisfaction comes first when he cares about you.

If not, he will just want to fulfill his own needs without even considering yours.

7. Post-sex cuddling

Cuddling is definitely the best thing after making love. If he has feelings for you, he won't immediately get dressed and run away.

He will open his arms so you can put your head on his chest or both arms around you close to pull you as tight as possible.

Cuddles will make it even more special and loving.

8. Even if you guys don't have sex, he stays the night

It's weird that not having sex is the best proof of how he feels about you is.

Of course, the person who cares about you won't just come by and keep you company when sex is involved.

When you're on your period, sick or If you just don't want sex, he'll be by your side as well, cuddling and snuggling with you all night.

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