8 Signs He's Emotionally Insecure (Don't Even Think About Being With Him)

8 Signs He's Emotionally Insecure (Don't even think about dating him)

Most people can relate handle uncertainty. They hide her or deal with her in any way they can.

But unfortunately, some men just can't shake off their insecurities.

Something happened to them in the past that made them be who they are and that's one of the main reasons why their relationships don't work.

When you first meet them hits, they are masked and quiet. It's the way they protect themselves.

Well, the problem is that women love a little mystery and when the guy doesn't put all his cards on the table in the beginning , when he keeps things to himself, women find him even more interesting than before.

Let's be honest – we're all dying to get below the surface to see what's going on.

What was it that happened to him that made him this way? That's where we make our biggest mistake.

It is not advisable to settle with this type of man, because they have many unresolved problems, a lot of emotional baggage, that they carry around.

If you're not willing to mind his shit, leave him alone, or if he's stalking you, run away.

Dating an insecure man is not a good idea , because in the end you will be alone and hurt and he will stay exactly the way he is.

If you start a relationship with him, you can be sure that he will ask too much of you.< /p>

He will constantly ask for reassurance and it will suck all the life out of you.

So, to save yourself all the trouble and pain, look at the signs of insecurity in a man and dodge that bullet while you can:

1. He'll let out the L-word way too soon

He'll tell you right away that he loves you. This will probably flatter you and make you burst with happiness, but after you think about it, you'll realize that there's something fishy about the whole thing.

How is it possible that he already loves you and you're only on your second date? 

Don't get me wrong – Love at first sight probably exists, but even if it did, you wouldn't tell your date you love them right away.

So you can't help but wonder what to do with is going on and if he really loves you. To love someone you have to get to know them.

First impressions don't always give a complete picture of who someone is as a person.

You can only see things that person lets you see and if they lie to you, and insecure men do, you will end up very disappointed.

2. He is jealous

He is jealous of your friends, your family, basically everyone who has any contact with you. Why is that?

It's simple – he feels threatened because he is insecure.

He thinks you're going to dump him and leave him for someone else, maybe one of your closest friends.

He'll tell you not to go shopping with your friends and ask you not to hanging out with guys.

And if you go out without him, he will call and text you to see who you are with under the excuse that he misses you or is bored and wants to know when you're coming home.

At first, this type of behavior will make you feel unique and loved, but over time you will get tired of not having freedom.

You will get tired of not having freedom. that he checks every step you take. You will feel like he is suffocating you.

3. He's talking about your ex

He just can't come to terms with the fact that you dated someone else before him.

He will talk about your ex all the time, especially in those moments when his insecurity sets in.

Even though you try to convince him that you and your ex are long history and since you broke off contact, he won't stop.

He's so insecure and he thinks you're going to leave him and go back to your ex.

4. He just doesn't trust you

He was probably hurt in the past or he didn't get enough attention from his ex-girlfriend or maybe even as a kid.

Whatever happened to him, it still makes him insecure today.

That's why he doesn't trust you. Even if you show him that you love him and want to be with him, he will doubt you because some woman cheated on him and broke his heart before you showed up.

This is a big problem because all serious relationships are based on mutual trust and if he doesn't trust you you will never be happy.

5. He plays mind games

Playing mind games is one of the tools he uses to cover up his insecurities.

He will try to play you as best as he can under control.

He will manipulate you into doing things he wants you to do just so he can be sure that you will stay with him, that you will not hurt him.


He probably thinks you're better than him, so he'll use these tricks to make you think you're lucky to have him.

It's all because of his insecurities, but it is very dangerous because it can destroy your life if you don’t understand what is at stake from the start.

6. His world revolves around you

It's very flattering and interesting at first. You have a man by your side and you are the main character in his film.

Everything is about you. He wants to please you and make you feel perfect. Doesn't that sound great?

Well it does, but what happens when you want something sometimes.

Space, just for yourself, and he's still next to you watching you like a hawk?

If you do things he doesn't like, he gets angry because he can't control you, or he's too possessive and he thinks nobody has the right to ”share” you with him.

He considers you his property and as long as you are by his side everything is perfect. But as soon as you decide to do something alone, you have a problem.

7. He has very few or no friends.

Communication is not his greatest strength.

These men tend to be loners because they don't feel comfortable around people.

They may have a boyfriend or two, but even they get dumped eventually.

People who don't recognize the emotional insecurity in a man will label such a person as shy and a bit introverted.


But the truth is, they are emotionally unavailable and if you try to be with a man like that, you will probably end up regretting it.

8. He needs permanent approval

He will always ask for your approval. He'll ask questions like, “Why do you like me?” or, " Out of all the men in the world, why did you choose me?”

Because you want to make him feel good, you will compliment him and tell him how awesome he is which will give him an ego boost to get through the day.

Maybe that doesn't sound so bad after all. Maybe you think he's just a poor, insecure soul who needs help.

Okay, it could be. But what happens when that becomes your daily routine?

What happens when you're the one who needs encouragement but he can't because he's even more insecure than you?< /p>

If you try to claim your right to attention, he'll go berserk and accuse you of not paying attention to him and never having done it.

Are you sure you want to go with me to be with a man like that? A man so insecure that it makes him selfish?

Be very careful with insecure men, they can be very dangerous.

Some of they're just insecure and need a little boost; they need your approval to regain their self-esteem.

But there are men whose insecurities make them dangerous people. She eats them and then if you let them, they eat you.

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