8 Signs He's Definitely Wasting Your Time When You're Pretty Sure He's Right

8 signs he's definitely wasting your time when you're pretty sure he's the one

It's amazing how sometimes we fall in love and go blind to the signs that someone just isn't who we think they are.

So there's a man in you Life, right?

You think you're a great match, but that little worried voice in your head is telling you something is wrong.

So you ignore her and talk to yourself that everything is just perfect. But what if it isn't?

Read on if you want to find out in time and save yourself a huge disappointment later.

1. He doesn't initiate meaningful conversations

Someone who can imagine living with you will want to know as much as possible about you.

Intimacy and the connection between two People who are really in love are something very important that makes people want to share everything with that special someone.

If he only talks to you about some superficial stuff, cares it doesn't matter who you are deep down.

This shows that there is no real intimacy between the two of you and that you should stop idealizing your relationship.

2. It lacks consistency

Maybe you didn’t give this much thought, but pay attention. Do you feel like he only calls you when it's convenient for him?

Isn't he willing to change his plans for you and meet up with you if you want to see him?

Unfortunately, that means he's only likely to call you when he's bored, when you're really his back-up plan.

You shouldn't hang out with a guy who doesn't have you as a first choice – you're just wasting your time.

3. He doesn't give you any affection or attention

You really don't remember him ever calling you just to say he was thinking of you.

Everything seems fine when you're together, but once he's gone, he's definitely gone, with no trace of his existence.

Of course, each of us has a lot on our plate, but a quick text really doesn’t take much time.

That probably means he doesn’t think about you as much as you do about him, which is a clear sign that he’s pure Waste of time and not who you think it is.

4. He doesn't ask how your day was

When you're together, he likes to talk about all kinds of things and detail his day, but he almost never asks how yours was.

< p>When we really care about someone, we really want to know what was going on with them while we were apart.

If he doesn't ask you about your day, that means he's just focusing on himself and having fun. concentrated in your relationship – he doesn't really care about you, your feelings, habits or your life in general.

You may not realize it at first, but over time you will become lonely and abandoned in your relationship feel.

5. He's lying to you

You may never have caught him lying about something important, but you've noticed that he's using small l&uuml ;gen knows well.

He's comfortable lying and you can tell it's part of his personality.

You might think he just told you those lies to make himself look better because he was nervous and wanted you to see him in the best possible light.

But the truth is that if he ever had anything serious with you, he would intended to be upfront about who he really is from the start.

You can't build a relationship on lies.

6. He never pays attention to details

While it's not uncommon for men to not pay attention to every little detail about us women, a man who really cares about you will loves to remember a lot.

At least he will know what your favorite movie, your favorite band, your favorite food is… what makes you laugh and what you don't like or what makes you angry.

If you think about it, most of us know these things about many of our acquaintances – so why shouldn't he know about yours?

Well, the answer is simple – it's because he doesn't want to get to know you better or make you happy.

7. He never asks you about your future plans

Those who love you are also interested in your dreams, goals and future plans.

Whether you're new to a relationship or you've been together for a while – a man who wants to be with you will want to know all about what you want to become of yourself in the future.

If he can see a future with you, he definitely will ask how you envision your future.

If he doesn't, I'm afraid I have to tell you that no matter how you feel about him, he probably doesn't see anything long-term with you .

8. He never asks about the other people in your life

You've never heard him mention your friends or family. You may think that he is just not that curious and that he is just interested in what he has with you, but…

Someone who wants to get to know you and something serious wants to start with you will definitely want to know at least a few things about your origins, the names of your parents, if you have siblings or what your friends are like.

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