8 signs he's cheating on you

8 signs he's cheating on you

Cheating is something we all hate and try to avoid at all costs; so here are some signs to look out for before you develop feelings for someone and end up getting hurt.

1. He's weird when it comes to his past relationships

He hates his ex-girlfriends and refuses to talk about his past relationships. That could be because he’s the ”bad guy” was and not her.

To keep you, he hides his past relationships so you don't run away from him.

2. Every single one of his exes hates him

Sometimes one or two exes hate a guy, but when every single one of them hates him, there's something going on. To be hated you have to screw it up really badly.

Girls don't hate someone because they want different things than they do, they hate someone who cheats and behaves shady.

3. He is jealous

He's jealous because he ”knows” what men are like, because he's one of them. He knows men exploit women because he does.

He's not protective or sweet, he just wants to make sure he's your only one (even if you aren't his are).

4. He “forgets” to invite you to parties

Or he says you're just bored or it's just a guys night out. A guy who really likes you or isn't shady wants you around all the time.

It doesn't matter if it's a boring event or just people from work; he wants everyone to meet you and show you his world.

A dubious guy doesn't want you around so he can have the freedom to have fun with other women. to have.

5. The one with the fear of commitment

Don't trust the man you had to lasso to you. It's that simple.

If he fears attachment, he may be screwing around or planning to do so, and it's easier not to feel like a complete asshole when the two of you are not exclusive.

6. He needs his privacy – too much

His phone is always with him, he never tells you details about his day or week and you have basically no idea what happens during the times you are apart .

He asks you to respect his privacy, or he skips most of his day talking to you. What's the point of doing this if you have nothing to hide?

7. Egocentric Narcissist

It's all about him, his needs and his feelings. He truly believes that the earth revolves around him, not the sun.

Often self-centered people don't take responsibility for their actions, including cheating. He just wanted to attend to his needs, so what's the problem?

8. He lies

Small lies grow into bigger ones. If his stories don't add up or you've caught him in a lie (no matter how small) and he refuses to admit it, he could be in serious trouble.

What's on his mind then refrained from talking about his ”nighttime activities” to lie?

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