8 Shitty Things Men Do When They Want To Break Up With You

8 shitty things guys do when they want to break up with you

Falling in love is the easy part. But when push comes to shove and some bitter truths need to be let out, men resort to shitty ways to let you know they want out of the relationship.

If you ever suddenly asked what the hell happened to your boyfriend, you've come to the right place.

Some guys act pretty shitty when they want to break up but don't have the balls to tell you.

Their minds are set on breaking up and they start acting like a complete stranger and distancing yourself from you so you do it for him.

They are cowards and instead of confronting you with their true feelings, they fuck up on these 8 Pulling back things to subtly let you know they're not in love with you anymore.

1. They blame you for the strain on the relationship

Things have deteriorated and it's clear who is to blame.

But no, Mr. Perfect is in no position to take the blame for his really shitty actions. Instead, he just points his fingers.

He has distanced himself from you, but he accuses you of doing the same.

He's suddenly become secretive and evasive, but he insists you keep things secret from him.

Whatever he does, he's just trying to pin it on you. He doesn't have the courage to be honest and real with you, so he chooses the lowest drawer.

2. He calls you crazy when you confront him about his behavior

This is just the easiest way out. Instead of accepting his role in this shit show, he calls you crazy for suggesting he's doing something wrong.

When men don't want to stay, this is the easiest thing.

Insulting you and speaking out is his way of telling you to relieve him of his duties as a friend.

His footß is halfway out the door so just make it easy for him and say goodbye.

You don't need an immature boy anyway!

3. He starts to whine when he doesn't agree with something

The truth is that men love to be sweet to their girls; and to be affectionate.

They love to spoil them and make them feel special.

And rightly so! But if a guy is okay with complaining and whining about you, then obviously he's not trying to win you over anymore.

Yes, it's really sad and unfortunate (because you deserve someone who will treat you like the queen you are), but it's also ultimately a blessing.

He cares basically not enough about being nice and taking care of yourself so you can kick him out and focus on what really matters.

4. He makes plans with his friends without telling you

He goes out as often and as long as he wants, regardless of whether you know it or not.

He doesn't tell you anything about his plans and mails you no message when he's out.

He's doing his own thing and you're not sure what the hell is going on.

To you, he still is your friend, but that's no longer the case for him.

That's what he's striving for, and that's why he no longer informs you about his plans.

You're not his girl in his head anymore.

5. He promises you something and then takes it back

He has become a big disappointment.

You make plans that you're really looking forward to and then he cancels at the last minute.

No explanation, no real reason, it's just cancelled.

He tells you that he will pick up your clothes from the dry cleaners, but he never does.

His word means nothing and he doesn't want to justify himself.

In his mind, you won't be his girlfriend for much longer, so there's no point in being a good friend anymore.

He's not trying anymore and it shows.

6 . He cuts off all talks about the future

If you're even thinking about talking about marriage and kids, he'll shut it down .

He thinks marriage sucks and he knows; not what he wants in his future.

He refuses to say anything substantive and it's fair to say that the thought of talking about it scares him.

Suddenly the guy you've fallen in love with is a shadow of his former self.

This guy is just trying to find a way to break his bondage and doesn't care how shitty it makes him look.

7. He openly flirts with other girls in public

He doesn't even try to hide it or deny it.

He smiles at every hot girl that walks past him and even talks to her on occasion.

Sure, he totally downplays it and might even claim he's just being friendly, but you knows it's a lie.

He's trying to show you what a bad friend he is so you can break up with him.

He wants you to reject him so much that you wonder what you ever saw in him.

8. He takes forever to reply to your texts and hardly ever calls

At this point it's really obvious what this means.

A guy who loves you, wants to be with you and appreciates you will answer your texts.

He will also call you and make sure you get a message during the day too ;ltst.

But this guy has turned into a ghost.

You can feel him disappearing with every message and missed call..

You realize it a little bit more every day, you just don't want to admit it.

Honey, he's nothing but a waste of time.

Leave that immature git to someone his level and find a man who respects you enough to be able to tell you straight to your face how he feels.

No one can guarantee it will be perfect, but it can don't fucking get worse a than that.

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