8 Reasons He Cheats Even Though He Loves You

8 Reasons why he cheats even though he loves you

1. He is weak

A weak man will do anything to make himself feel better about himself.

When he cares about your beauty or your Is jealous of success, he will try to find a way to feel good too.

Due to his weakness, he will create different scenarios in his head and all of them will be negative for be him.

He'll think he's not as good as you and he'll try to find someone who adores him.

And even if he knows that it will hurt you, he will anyway.

This is something every weak man will do to comfort himself and feel good about himself.

2. He loves to conquer

When a man likes to conquer, he does it every day just to feel good.

Even if he says he loves you he will always try to find someone to get his adrenaline pumping.

In this hunting game he will have a good time but he will have no problem coming to your house and tell you that he loves you and that he missed you that day.

Me don't say that all men are like that, but some of them can play a double game.

And the most important thing is that it has nothing to do with you.

3. He lacks honesty

If he's not honest, he'll do whatever he wants and he won't think about you that much.

He knows you are always there and he believes you will always be with him.

He doesn't understand that he will hurt you since you love him so much.

He only thinks about himself and his own pleasure.

And a man like this will you never make you happy, no matter how sorry he is for hurting you.

Once a cheater, always a cheater.

4. He's selfish

If a guy is selfish, he'll only think about himself.

He will not think about you and your needs, he will only work to meet his needs.

He will have no problem flirting with any girl if you not there and then coming to you and sleeping with you.

He has no compassion and his ultimate goal is to please only himself.

Love doesn't mean much to him and he will always switch from you to someone he thinks is better.

It's something he was born with and will remain that way throughout his life.

5. He wants an ego boost

There are men who say they love their woman, but they cheat on her with everyone else they meet.< /p>

You're probably wondering how that's possible, right?

Well, the thing is, they like to be superior, attractive, desired and desired fü

So they just do it to make themselves feel better.

It has nothing to do with you, but with their twisted idea of ​​love.

They don't think about your feelings and what they might lose if you leave them, but rather about how how you will feel when you start this bad game with someone.

6. He's insecure

An insecure guy is really someone you should be afraid of.

He'll even do the things he promised, never to do just to feel good about yourself.

When he sees that guys like you and that your life is great when his is not, he will try to find someone to comfort him.

He will accuse you of leading a life that sucks and he won't even try to change it.

Instead he will find someone to hurt you with because he want you both to be the same.

He can't stand that you are happy and he is not, so he will do things that he knows will hurt you.

7. He's a sex addict

If you've had the misfortune of meeting a sex addict, know that they will always try to find someone to have sex with can have.

Even if you sleep with him every day, it won't be enough sex and he will want more.

He's someone who thinks with his dick and not his head, so your feelings aren't a high priority for him.

If you know that your man has such a has a problem and if he doesn't do something about it, then unfortunately you have no choice but to give up on him.

8. He has the opportunity

It's a fact that men don't cheat when they want to, they cheat when they get the chance.

So if he has been drinking a little more than usual and he has the opportunity to cheat on you, he will do it.

He will not think about you in this situation, his main thought will be like him can have the best time of his life.

He will just seize the moment and enjoy it, and regret it later.

That's how most men lose their longtime partner and they end up alone.

If they were stupid enough to cheat on you, you should be smart enough to let them go!

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