8 places you can touch a man to drive him crazy

8 places where you can touch a man to drive him crazy

If you've been with your man for a long time together, you probably know where to touch him to make him feel good.

But do you also know how to touch him to make him Losing your mind?

Do you know what to do with your tongue and fingers to make your man scream your name and beg for more?

Do you know how you can get him hooked on you?

If not, don't worry because you have me.

And it's okay you you'll thank me later!

Now let's go through the list of things you can do to make your man feel on cloud nine!

1. Touch the back of his head – the slower the better

You may think your man won't be so overwhelmed when you touch the back of his head, but you're wrong.

There are a lot of nerves in the back of your head and by touching them you can stimulate them in a number of ways.

So if you gently go through your man's hair and focus on the back of his head, he will get goosebumps and it will feel so good.

He will feel that you try to relax him and he will appreciate it.

And I don't need to tell you that you don't just have to touch his head, do you?

< h2>2. Touch him below the belly button

But when I say touch, I don't mean that you should touch it with your fingers, but with your tongue.

This area is extremely sensitive and it will feel amazing once you start kissing his chest and going downstairs.

He'll be so excited and he'll show you.

Maybe he will telling you that it's not a good idea to continue and that you'll probably be in bed all morning and be late for work.

But if that gives him that much satisfaction, then it's worth it, right?

You can do whatever you want because he will like every kiss and every movement of your tongue.

3. Focus on his thumb

Many women think that in order to please a man they should only focus on a man's penis.

But you should know that there are other parts of a man's body that can be stimulated.

Believe it or not, guys are very sensitive when it comes to their thumbs.

So, to drive your man crazy, try his thumb suck because it gives him the idea of ​​sucking something else, if you know what I mean.

And while you're doing that, he won't believe how much you arouse him.

You should know that this is great foreplay and if you warm him up like this he will be cumming in no time.

4. Don't forget his F-spot

This is the same as the G-spot in women, but the difference is that it's much easier to find in a man.

His F-spot is where the glans joins the shaft.

You can stimulate it with your fingers, but men prefer it if you do it with your tongue.

If you want to drive your man crazy about you, give him some gentle licks in this area and he will absolutely lose his mind.

Make sure you do it gently because of this area is very sensitive and you don't want to hurt him.

Pretend you know what you are doing so he can totally relax and let you do your job.

5. Touch his ears

Okay, we all know that one of his erogenous zones is his ears, but you don't want to start licking them all at once.

Instead, touch his ears and play with them.

Then whisper something in his ear and while you do this, blow some warm air into it.

He will probably give you goosebumps and he will be ready for the next step.

After that you can start licking her while you ask him what he wants to do to you right now.

This will turn him on immediately and you'll be in bed in no time.

And if you keep doing a good job with the rest of his body, an unforgettable orgasm is 100% guaranteed!

6. Suck his bottom lip

If you want to break the routine in your relationship, try some new things.

Maybe you like your man's thumb to suck or play with his F-spot, but you can also play with his lips.

To make things more interesting, get him to kiss you and when he does, don't make him kiss you right away, show him you want to play a little.

And when I say play, I mean kinky play.

Suck his bottom lip and play with your tongue.

While you do this , make sure you are the dominant one because that will turn him on even more.

If you see that he can hardly bear not to kiss you anymore, then let him do.

And girl, he'll never forget that kiss.

7. Touch his nipples

If you want to turn your man on, try touching his nipples.

Make sure you do it gently, because if you're too rough, it can hurt him and you won't reach your ultimate goal.

Therefore, you should gently touch his nipples until they are hard.

And when you see that happen, kiss them and suck on them gently while playing with your tongue.

This will make him so horny that he won't be able to wait, sleeping with you.

Any further touch will give him goosebumps and he will never forget the experience.

8. Touch the inner thighs of his

I know a lot of women don't focus on their man's inner thighs, but you should start with that because you're so attracted to him can bring to cloud nine with just one touch.

Start touching him gently there, but don't miss the other parts of his body.

He will feel so good and he'll see that you're trying.

And while you're touching his thighs, he won't be able to wait for you going upstairs and touching other parts of his body as well.

And I don't even need to tell you which parts I mean?

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