8 Messages You'll Get When You Have an Awesome Boyfriend

8 messages you get when you have an amazing friend

1. ”Good night my pretty”

This is the kind of message every girl wants to get from her boyfriend.

It means that you are his last thought when he goes to bed and that he would like to have you around.

Telling you that you are gorgeous will do too boost your ego and put a smile on your face.

And needless to say you will have sweet dreams afterwards.

2. “Just wanted to say hello”

Listen to me – Guys never text just to say hello.

If he texted you, it means he misses you and wants to know what your plans are and if you will have time to meet him.

The truth is that he wants to be with you all the time and can't go an hour without texting you and asking what you're up to.

This is so cuteüß and you should be really happy because a guy like that was really worth the wait.

3. “I can still smell your perfume on me”

Let's be honest – if a guy had hooked up with you just to have sex and disappear, he definitely wouldn't be texting you like that.

But if he does something like that, it means he's very thinks of you often and still enjoys the smell of your perfume on his skin.

That way he feels like you are near him and he can can't wait to have you in his arms again.

A man like this knows really, what sweet things you can say to a girl and that's why you should never let him go.

4. ”I would like to cuddle with you for the rest of the day”

If your boyfriend tells you something like that, it means he really likes you.< /p>

He would much rather stay at home with you than have fun with his boys somewhere. to have.

And when you feel the warmth of his body against your skin, you will notice many signs of sexual tension.

Now it's up to you whether you will go one step further or just take it cuddling.

5. ”How was your day?”

If your husband asks you how your day was, it means he really cares about you.

< p>He wants to know if you’re tired or not and if he can help you relax a bit.

He would probably like to come over and invite you over for dinner after a long day at work.

Nothing is too difficult for him and he shows it every time he gets the chance.


Also you will see that he is not just any fuckboy because he will never try to sext you.

He respects you and knows that you don't have that kind of girl.

6. ”I can’t stop thinking about you”

Imagine this: you get up in the morning, get dressed and go to work.

Then you find a bouquet in front of your front door&rszlig; Roses with a sweet love quote.

Your husband tells you that he can't stop thinking about you. Is there a better way to start the day? I don't think so!

7. ”Wish you were here”

Okay girls, when your boyfriend tells you he wishes you were with him, that means he's head over heels in love with you.

You have has captured his heart and he just can't stop thinking about you.

The only thing he can do is tell you that he misses you and that he wants you to be with him.

I know. only that a confession like that is pretty hard for men to make, so you better cherish him because he's worth it.

8. ”Please take care”

Men often show that they love you, even if they don't say so directly.

So, when your husband tells you to take care of yourself, it means he cares about you and wants you to be safe.

It's a sign that it is a sign. r that he loves you and doesn’t want anything bad to happen to you.

If you have a boyfriend like that, consider yourself lucky because guys like him are pretty rare these days .


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