7 Ways Girls With Anxiety Love Differently

7 Ways girls with fears love differently

”Fear is love’s greatest enemy. You then feel like a drowning man is clinging to you. One would like to save him, white&rszlig; but that in his panic he takes the savior with him to his doom.” ―Anaïs Nin

It's like being trapped in a well. Everything around you is dark and you are standing in knee-deep water. You can't fall asleep or you'll drown. And there's nothing you can do about it.

This is fear. She catches you and holds you hostage. And there's nothing you can do about it. You can try to escape but it's an endless fight. It lasts all your life,

Fear becomes you. You can scream for hours in this dark well, but nobody hears you. You just have to try to make it on your own – to survive.

Because of that feeling, we've always raised our shield. We always worry and question everything. And if people who don't understand what anxiety is just make one wrong move, we feel like we're in the deep well again.

Anxious girls love differently. We have to love differently because we are different. But our love is the one that lasts. Our love is pure.

Once we feel like we can trust you, we let you into our hearts. And we will make you stay forever.

You will have the honor of being loved by a scared girl – different.

1. We need to feel safe

We need a safe place. We are independent. Don't get me wrong, that's us. But in those moments when we're at rock bottom, we need someone we can feel safe with. Even when we go out we hate situations outside of our comfort zone.

so we need you We need you as our safety net and to protect us from the things we fear. You don't even have to protect us. Being there is enough.

2. We are guarded

We guard our hearts. We are afraid of being hurt and our fear makes us believe that the person by our side will hurt us sooner or later.

3. We have trust issues

It takes us a long time before we fully trust someone. We do this because our fear keeps us alert at all times. It lets us see things that aren't there.

We want to trust, but fear takes over.

4. We need to be safe

We need that feeling of safety. We need to know that you're not going away. If we ask you to confirm and prove your love, it's not because we doubt you.

It's because we can't control our fear and it makes us doubt things we're most confident about. Feeling that everything is fine and you by our side gives us peace of mind. We need that.

5. We need you close

Whenever fear strikes, it takes us to dark places. To depression and sadness. When that happens, we need to know that you are by our side. And when you're there, we'll never let you go.

You see us at our worst and most vulnerable. And if you stay even then, we will be yours forever.

6. We isolate ourselves

We withdraw because our fear pushes us to be alone. It makes us shut up and build a massive wall around us.

It's worse when we fall in love because of all our trust issues. Our fear is greatest then.

7. We will love you forever in our unique way

We can be exhausting, I know. But we are devoted because we respect and appreciate the fact that you found the way and the strength to love us. We know it's hard and you did it. It means that your love really matters.

We love you because you're the one who loves us even when we question you. You do not give up. You are our protector and safe haven on a stormy night.

We never let you feel unloved. Even when we suffer the most, when fear is at its worst, we will never stop showing you our love.

Fear is real. she devours you She controls body and mind. That's why we freak out over little things. That's why the smallest things scare us.

We will give you our heart and believe in you.

< strong>If you hurt us, we will never be able to love anyone like that again.

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