7 warning signs you're dealing with a “nice” fuckboy

7 warning signs you're dealing with a “nice” fuckboy

Telling the good guys from the bad is almost a nuisance these days; become a possibility.

You can't tell them apart anymore.

At least you used to know that if a guy was an idiot, he acted like one, so you could see him could recognize. It really was that simple.

If you felt like you could walk on the wild side for a while, you would take the bait on purpose, just to to see how it is.

And then your heart was broken, ok you weren't that sad because you knew it was coming.

It was just an experience and a lesson for you.< /p>

But today you can have this ‘luxury’ can't afford it.

You can't purposely date a fuckboy just to see what it's like. Today, fuckboys are disguised as nice guys.

Today, innocent women are being tricked by manipulative dorks into pretending to be something they are not.

Just keep reading and be careful because at least once in your life you will meet a ‘nice’ Meet Fuckboy:

1. He pretends he's the good guy

Of course, this is the first clue, but it's probably the last you'll uncover.

Usually are they are such good actors that you just can't figure out who they really are.

They will do things your way and fulfill your every wish.

They'll be nice and forgiving, but if you're not looking, they're playing the opposite game.

2. He's too good a friend

His friends adore him. He is a true hero in their eyes. Why?

Well, not because he's a selfless and caring friend, not because he's always there for them when they need him, but because they're just like him.

He's their role model because he's dated so many women, or because he was able to seduce the one no one else could.

But basically, they're exactly the same kind of scumbag as he is .

3. He behaves very differently around you

When you are together he is so forgiving and loving. He's just too perfect. This sucks!

As soon as you turn your back on him, when you stop looking his way, he becomes something else entirely.

Usually women find solace in lying to themselves that he is who he says he is when he is with them and not who he is with others.

Usually want we don't admit we're dating a real psycho. This plays into his hands, as he can continue to carry out his plan.

4. He doesn't want to upset you

He doesn't tease you or do anything to upset you. You will be happy with him, but only for a while.

This phase at the beginning when the promises are big; are and while you wait for them to be redeemed, your life will be beyond perfect.

But when you slowly start to realize that nothing of what he is telling you has ever come true, suddenly your bubble bursts and you realize he's just ’ is another fuckboy.

5. He will never explicitly reject you

He will piece things together to his advantage.

Although he has never told you that he doesn't want anything serious, his actions show exactly that and when he actually tells you later that he never wanted anything serious, you can't be mad at him because you expected it and he walks away without any guilt.

6. Maybe he doesn't hurt you on purpose

Maybe they had a bad past, maybe they have attachment issues, maybe they were hurt terribly.

Maybe all of these apply, but that's no excuse for hurting you.

Maybe he's not doing it on purpose, but that doesn't change the fact that you were hurt.

If he doesn't know how to process his past, then he shouldn't be with anyone who because that's just selfish.

7. He gives you cute nicknames

Isn't that cute? He must be the right one. He's not, though, because those nicknames are standard, they're nothing special.

He doesn't call you that because you mean more to him.

He calls you that because he know you want to hear it. It's a good solution for him.

He gives you cute nicknames, you melt away and he gets what he wants – that you think he loves you more than anything in the world when you really are just casual sex.

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