7 True Signs You Are Nothing More Than An Affair

7 true signs you are nothing more than an affair

Are you a fling or the RIGHT ONE?

Unfortunately, most women these days don't realize when they're being screwed.

They don't understand that they're just a one-time thing and nothing more. It’s not their fault.

Men aren’t honest and they gotten pretty good at pranking women.

Only after a while, when the woman is serious about him and their relationship, the truth comes out –You were just an affair for him!

To avoid playing the supporting role and stepping into the limelight for a change, look out for the following signs that prove you're just a fling to him.

1. He knows how the game works

A little too well – he plays for the big ones. Somehow you end up doing exactly what he wants.

You may even find out that he is married and of course want to end it – but somehow you're still there. He has you under his spell!

2. Your conversation takes a different direction

It's getting sexual. This is the problem with many married men. They can’t see their women as sexual and erotic beings.

Sometimes men have this insatiable, kinky sexual desire that they can’t satisfy with their women – so they find themselves a one time affair.

3. He never introduced you to his friends

And he never will. He knows you're just a one-time thing, so he doesn't want to make you a part of his life in the first place.

If he were really in love with you, he would be showing you off and proud to have you as a girlfriend – but he is not.

4. His plans don't include you

Take a step back and think about your future. Is he part of it?

Maybe he is for you, but have you ever heard him talk about future plans that involve you?

If you're just an affair for him, then probably not. It just shows that he doesn't plan on staying with you much longer.

5. He doesn't want to kiss or hug you in public

There can be two reasons for this – either he's married or he's just a classic prick who's screwing you.

When it comes to affection, time and place doesn't matter – if he really cared about you, he would show it anytime, anywhere.

6. He doesn’t text back right away

You can stare at your phone with hope for days but nothing comes. The hoped-for ringing is nowhere to be heard.

Of course you won't admit to yourself that he means absolutely nothing to you, so you try to justify his behavior.

But I have bad news for you – he doesn't care that you can't sleep at night because of him.

7. He hides his phone

That's probably because he has tons of girls' numbers in it – Girls who are just as naïve as you and think they're the only ones in his life.

He probably has photos of them too, because guys like that never miss an opportunity, in front of their friends with theirs "Achievements"

So you'll never have access to his phone. And if he's a real pro, you won't even see it.

These guys are just that, and the best thing you can do is stay away from them and to save you a broken heart – because that will come eventually.

Don't kid yourself and don't think that you will change it – because you won't.

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