7 thoughts that go through every man's mind during lockdown

7 thoughts every man’s head during lockdown

I'm sure you've heard about lockdown.

You already know all about it: what you should do, how you should behave and how long it should take for it to work.

What you don't know, however, is what yours Partner going through during lockdown.

What is the man you ignore thinking while you're not in his life?

That's why I'm here: to bring you these 7 thoughts that almost every man has during lockdown go through your head.

Table of ContentsShow 1 1. I'm relieved she doesn't call me 2 2. wait a minute, is she really done with this? 3 3. Or is she just playing with me? 4 4. How dare she? 5 5. I will find another 6 6. But no other woman is like her 7 7. I must take her back

1. I'm relieved that she doesn't call me

I don't want to kid you: if you break off contact with someone who dumped you, they're glad at first that he doesn't need to hear from you.

That's exactly how it is with this guy in the beginning: he left you and he's glad everything went smoothly.

You don't call him and ask him to come back, don't talk shit about him, and you don't have angry outbursts.

Apparently he managed to get past you and that he wanted it from the start, didn't he?

2. Wait a minute, is she really done with that?

The first phase doesn't last long, though.

Before you know it, this guy is slowly starting missing you because he was so used to your presence in his life.

At first he doesn't want to admit it to anyone, including himself, but it really hurts him that you're not after him.

Did he mean so little to you? How could you accept this breakup so easily?

Have you been wanting to break up the whole time but waiting for him to say goodbye for good?

You did really done with it?

3. Or is she just playing with me?

Still, he has his doubts. He'll question your motives and wonder if it's all your games.

Is this a tactic you're using to get him to crawl back to you? Do you play the aloof?

4. How dare she?

But over time, when he sees that you haven't reached out to him, he starts to realize that you mean business. Then he gets angry and furious.

His ego is bruised and he can't accept the fact that you won't beg him to come back to you.

Self-doubt sets in and he wonders if he's really that easy to replace.

How dare you ignore him after what you two have been through together? Who do you think you are?

5. I will find another

Next he tries to find another one. After all, there are so many women in his life, and a stud like him doesn't need to waste his precious time thinking about you anymore.

Because it's more than obvious that you got on with your life, and he should too.

Besides, he'll really show you when he's found a new girlfriend!

He'll make you realize that you didn't mean that much to him and that he replaced you in no time.

And not only that -; he will even do everything in his power to rub his gaper in your face.

He may even jump from one woman to another, desperately trying to touch your feelings. I don't want to hurt you.

But in reality he's trying to get you to come back to him and you shouldn't even think about it.

6. But no other woman is like her

After acting fuckboy for a while, this man finally realizes that you are nowhere to be found.

< p>After searching for you in all the other women, he finally realizes that you are one of a kind and that he made the mistake of his life letting go of you.

He realizes that no one can will ever love like you do and, above all, that no other woman can take your place in his heart.

It's the last thing he wants to admit to himself, but now that you're really gone it's time for him to accept that you're the only one he's ever loved.

7. I have to get her back

Then he embarks on a mission to win you back.

He realizes that he wants you back. ck, no matter how.

And he's doing everything in his power to right his mistake and show you his deepest regret.

When the time comes, go for it ready for him to call you frantically, show up at your door begging for a second chance and promise to be the man you've always wanted.

It It's entirely up to you whether you believe him or not!

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Katharina Hansen

She is a trained psychologist and talented author. For her, every person matters and every life story is unique. That's why her advice comes not only from her knowledge, but also from her heart.

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