7 things you should know after ending a narcissistic relationship

7 things you should know after ending a narcissistic relationship

It's all about him. He is the center of the world. Well, not anymore. You've had enough.

You've finally worked up the courage to get out of this nightmarish relationship, but it's not going to be easy.

Not only that it wasn't easy to get out of the relationship, you're also emotionally hurt.

You won't be able to trust anyone for a long time.

You'll get every other view relationship as a potential threat – you're afraid of being locked up again.

When you meet a narcissistic man everything is perfect. He's the best person you've ever met.

He acts like he's one of the good guys and he's ready to pull off the perfect crime – to lure you into his trap.

He flatters you. He tells you exactly the words you want to hear or need to hear. You are his target and he will do everything in his power to get you.

You have to understand that he really needs to have you.

He needs someone to smother so he can get his ego boost and get on with life and let someone else breathe air.

Once you fall for his trick and give in, it all starts to go downhill. After that, he starts to show his true face bit by bit.

All masks suddenly fell off. And he caught you in his web.

When you finally find the courage to leave him, he will feel it. He will know that you want to leave him and then he will play all his little games just to win you back.

He will give you false hope.

For a moment you will think that he has changed. You have no idea how wrong you are.

The only thing you can't end is this never-ending nightmare – he will have no mercy because he will benefit from it.

Even if you break up with him, prepare for the following:

1. He will stalk you

Any normal person would be hurt because you left.

But eventually he will realize that you are in a ended up in a relationship you weren't happy in.

So it's a totally natural thing for you to end a relationship you weren't comfortable with.


But a narcissist would never accept that. His ego is too big; and he's too much in love with himself to realize that someone isn't happy with him.

He's going to be pissed off and angry about that. And if he can't lure you back into a relationship with him, then he will stalk and harass you.

This is his last move because he needs to be superior to you and when he loses that he becomes desperate.

The moment you give him up, he feels powerless.

2. He is fickle

Moody is the best word to describe him. He will contact you after the breakup.

He will try to get his life back on track.

First of all, he will show his charm and ”perfect” Using tactics to get you back to the way you were when you first met.

If you don't fall for that, he'll freak out.

His true I will surface. Then he will realize what he has done and calm down.

He will become very good again. If he changes his mood so often, it means you've touched a nerve with him.

You've made him feel powerless again.

3. He will badmouth you

He will try to badmouth you. He will try to destroy your reputation.

He will tell every possible lie about you that there is. He will know no boundaries.

After all, you are the one who broke free of his abusive behavior.

You have realized that you are worth more and he doesn't like that.

This is his way of getting revenge and trying to win you back.

4. He will try to manipulate you

You must play the game without emotions. You must not give him any reason or hope that you two can get back together.

Even if you still have feelings for him, you must suppress those feelings . You know he won't change. Period.

He will manipulate you one way or the other, but when he sees that you are completely cold he will give up.

5. He must be right

He must win. Despite the fact that you left him, he will do everything in his power to “win” the breakup. His ego needs a boost.

If you compromise or make any kind of deal with him, he will use the situation in his favor. He just has to win!

6. He will use anything against you

With his pride and ego hurt and because he doesn't know how to leave, he will use everything he has against you.

Everything you told him about yourself , is no longer safe.

Any secrets or intimate feelings that you have shared with him can now be made public.

He will every little Use embarrassment against you.

At this point, he won't do it to win you back because he knows that train has left.

He's only doing it to hurt you on purpose.

7. He will blame you

When all else has failed and there is no hope, then he will blame you for everything.

He will try to convince you that you were the one who destroyed your relationship.

It can't possibly be that it was him because he doesn't make mistakes .

In the beginning of the relationship he put you on a pedestal. He treated you like a queen.

He did all this on purpose and when he finally showed his true colors he destroyed everything by just being like he just is.

He'll blame you. You know this isn't true, but he needs to believe it in order for him to continue living his narcissistic life.

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