7 Things To Do When He Won't Text Back

7 Things To Do When He Doesn't Text Back

You like a guy and you want to do something. He seems to like you too.

First you try to work up the courage to text him first. And you do, but unfortunately you don't get a reply.

As if sending the message wasn't stressful enough. And then you don't even get an answer.

How do you deal with this and what can you do?

This situation may seem trivial, but it is extremely important what to do next.

Your reaction to this situation will show him what kind of person you are and he might even decide whether he wants to be with you or not just based on what you do next.< /p>

Texting has changed the whole dating scene. Now that communication tools are available, we expect whoever we like will text us back immediately.

We know that we all carry our cell phones with us at all times, and it is practically impossible for a message to go unnoticed for more than half an hour.

Back then, there were no cell phones and no messages it’s totally normal if you don’t hear from him all day. Today this is making you panic!

1. Don't send one message after another

It hurts when you don't get a response right away, especially since most of us have the worst possible scenario in mind why he didn't write back.

But sending one message after another is not a solution. This will probably only make things worse. Don't text too much, and don't text his friends just because he doesn't text you back.

This will make you seem desperate and maybe even a little crazy. This definitely turns you off, especially when the guy you texted really couldn't text you back for some reason.

Imagine his reaction when he saw how spammed his phone was from your messages. I would no longer expect an answer. Not after a scene like that.

2.  Text him a normal message

If you can't stand not getting a reply and you need to text him again to see what's up – so if you really can't stand not texting – then at least send a casual message.

Personally, I would never send a second message, especially if I hadn't heard from him in more than two days.

Anybody can share their phone for a few Leave hours somewhere, but if it's multiple days I wouldn't do it.

But I repeat, if you absolutely have to, just send a casual message.

Don't send angry, threatening messages because you never know what's going on and the real reason he hasn't texted you back. You can only guess.

3. Don’t assume he has lost interest right away

Don’t panic or think the worst possible scenario – that he's not so keen on you. You don't know the real reason why he didn't text you back and there are so many possible reasons.

Maybe something important came up and he didn't have time to tell you. Maybe he was held up at work, or maybe he ran out of battery, which is usually the most common reason.

So before you panic, consider maybe something else may have happened and wait a few hours.

4.  Keep your hands off your cell phone


You'll be staring at your phone. You'll tap it a million times and hope next time you see a message on the screen.

But no! Don't text him.

Suppose there was some sort of emergency and he didn't have his phone with him. What if he saw all the other messages that are obviously the product of your panic?

This guy would never text you again in his life.

< p>So resist the urge and don't text him right away if he hasn't texted you back.

5.  Contact a friend

But be careful, don't complain to a mutual friend. Be careful who you talk to about this.

Have a chat with a good friend while trying not to text him because he hasn't replied to you. You'll feel better when you hear advice from someone close to you.

And if not, then at least you will distract yourself for a while. Time will pass faster and these two days will feel like two hours.

I repeat: don't talk about it with your mutual friends, otherwise he will most likely get pissed off by your desperation ;ren.

He'll see how desperate you are, which for a man is an even bigger killer.

6.  Take care of your self-esteem

For you, this guy you're into is a kind of trophy. And if you feel like this trophy is slipping away from you, panic because you want it too much.

But instead of chasing after him, you should take a look at yourself throw.

You have to understand that you are someone's trophy too. You must have self-respect and self-worth because you deserve to be followed and not followed by someone else.

If a man doesn't reply to your message within two days , there is really only one possible explanation for this – he's not interested in you and doesn't want to talk to you.

You can send as many messages as you want, but nothing will change that.

Sending message after message only hurts you. You can only feel worse and less valuable because someone rejected you.

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, be the one you chase, not the one you chase.

7.  Ultimately, just keep going

If he doesn't respond, if he doesn't show any interest at all, then just keep going. You don't need anyone's approval.

You don't need to beg for attention because there is someone out there who will give you their attention without you having to ask.

If he doesn't respect you enough to answer you, even if that answer is "no" were, you deserve better. If he doesn’t want to do that, then you know you are dealing with a cowardly man who probably suffers from commitment issues.

Anyway, go ahead, because you you haven't lost anything. You probably just got lucky again.

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