7 things to do when he won't commit or let go

7 things to do when he won't commit or let go

The most confusing thing in a relationship is when a man doesn't want to commit, but also does not let go. You wonder why he is backing down so suddenly and can't find a good reason for what is happening.

So you think about it all day and all your attempts are in vain . But you should know that every problem has a solution and that with a little effort it can be solved.

So, here are things you can really do if your husband doesn't commit to you and won't let you go either.

1. Speak frankly with him

I know you really don't want this and I know it's terribly uncomfortable, but if you want to know what's going on, is better ask your husband directly.

Tell him that you are not feeling well and that you want to solve this matter because it has been bothering you for a while. Explain to him that a real relationship means commitment and not sitting in two chairs at once.

And most importantly, tell him that if he doesn't change his mind, you will leave .

2. Show him you're gonna leave him

Look, a man knows; not what he has until he loses it. So why don't you show him that you have other options and that you can walk away too?

let’ Don't make him think he's the only one for you because there are men who would kiss the ground you walk on and commit to you without question.

< p>Show him what he will lose if you leave him and give him time to think about it.

3. Make him reconsider

If you push and choke him he will leave you instantly. But if you show him that you are a woman of high quality and that you want to give him time to think about you both, he will act differently.

Maybe he will see how a lot of effort you put into the relationship to make it work and that you give him enough time to think everything over again.

This will make him want to go back to you, even just to try and see if he decides to commit.

4. Tell him you won't take away his independence

Maybe your man fears commitment but is too scared to tell you.

He plays games with you by wanting you to be there for him when he wants and at the same time isn't there when you need him.

That's why you need to clear things up with him as soon as possible. Tell him he doesn't have to worry about losing his independence in a relationship with you.

Tell him he won't lose his balls because that's what a lot of people think of men, that bind.

When he realizes that he will have a life like he had without you, he may change his mind.

5. Make yourself a priority

Show him that you put yourself first and that you won't let him play with you anymore. Show him that you can live without him and that you won't wait for him anymore.

When he sees that you're absolutely sure of what you're saying, he'll stop and think about it better. He'll see what kind of person he's losing and maybe treat you better than before.

Ultimately, making him your priority will never satisfy you as much as making yourself a priority set first digit.

6. Set boundaries

When you see that you're not getting where you want to be with a man. you have to set your limits. You need to draw a line and let him know you have rights too.

He can't just play with you, manipulate and control you without giving you anything in return. This isn't love and it's definitely not a healthy relationship.

So you should tell him that he needs to figure out where he wants to go with you. If you two don't share the same perspective on life, it's time to just walk away.

7. Draw a line

Sometimes men just think your threats are futile because they will find a way to trick you. They think that you're just saying that you're going to end the relationship, but that nothing like that will ever happen.

Well, the best way to shake him up is to actually leave him. Show him that he lost you with his behavior and that you don't plan to spend your life with a man who doesn't know what he wants.

When he sees that you are serious , he will definitely try to win you back.

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