7 Things That Happen When You Lose A Good Girl

7 Things That Happen When You Lose A Good Girl

I bet nobody warned you about the consequences of losing a good girl.

If someone did, they would have told you to be smart and to pay attention to her and everything she does for you.

They would tell you that you should never take her for granted because she is a unique girl and you may have her once in your life.

So if you lose that, you'll regret it for the rest of your life.

But you've done your thing and you never listen to others anyway.

Who knows; what was going on in your head or what reasons or excuses you made up to make yourself feel better about mistreating her.

The one thing you weren't counting on , is that there is only so much a man can endure.

You never counted on her self-love, or that when she's tired of giving you all of her and never getting anything back, she'll leave.

You never thought that you could lose her until you've actually lost her.

If you take a good girl for granted, that's exactly when you lose her .

If you don't give her the love she deserves, if you don't respect her, if you let her efforts go unnoticed and if you leave her alone when she should have you, you will lose her.

When you lose a good girl, you not only lose that one person, you lose a lot more.

You lose all the opportunities that the two of you could have been. and all the things she has done for you.

And when reality finally hits you, it can be a little overwhelming, to be honest.


When you lose a good girl, you lose someone who believed in you.

She was always there to cheer you on. She was the one who put all her trust in you and never let you down.

She believed in you, she pushed you forward and she was always there to catch you when you fell.

She never let you lose faith in yourself and you could have been with her so much more, but you gambled away that.

When you lose a good girl, you lose someone who trusted you completely.

She gave you everything. She trusted you blindly and she never thought you could betray her.

She never stopped for a second to think that you could really only use her. nntest.

Because she always believed that people are as good as she is. But you weren't good–at least not for her. You were always playing with her feelings.

And all she ever did was trust you completely. It cost her too much, but she finally managed to see you for who you are.

When you lose a good girl, you lose someone who was willing to love her to give unconditional love.

This kind of love is not something you see on a daily basis. The love of a good girl is different, you know.

And when a good girl decides to love you, she does it with all her heart.

She loves you unconditionally and without ever holding back. She was willing to do the same for you.

But she stopped herself before you got the best of her.

Because she saw that you did are not worth She realized that you will only break her and that you will only take her love and use her, but never give anything back.

She was ready to love you unconditionally, but you never gave her the chance. You gambled away too soon.

If you lose a good girl, you won't have someone who was always there for you.

If you look around you won't have anyone to count on day or night. You won't have anyone willing to listen to you no matter what you did to her.

You won’t have one who would forget her needs because she was too busy focusing on the things you need.

Because if you are a good man’ When you lose a girl, you also lose a girl who was always there when you needed her.

If you lose a good girl, you won't have anyone who will never give up on you would.

She really wanted to stay. She wanted to be there for you and in a million years she couldn't imagine giving up on you.

You know how hard she tried and she stayed by your side even when a sane person would have left long ago.

She always found trust in you in places that no one else thought to look for.

But she was tired of being constantly broken by someone she tried so hard to get.

Her tired of being the only one who never gave up. So she finally gave up too.

When you lose a good girl, you lose your best friend.

When you lose a good girl, you not only lose your lover but also your best friend .

You lose your mate, your significant other, and someone you could always count on.

You know she was the one, but you're closed proud or afraid to admit it now.

It doesn't matter because life will make you admit it to yourself at least.

And life will also make you regret the loss of a good girl.

< h2>When you lose a good girl, you will eventually wonder if it was worth everything you lost her for.

After a while and when the Reality sinks in, when you lie awake at night and can't sleep, you can't help but wonder if it was all worth it.

If all the things you did wrong, if all the selfishness and carelessness, your dreams and goals were worth losing a girl like her.

You will find yourself ask if she is the same girl she used to be.

You will ask if she has someone who treats her right and does all the things you didn't do but for ;r they should have done.

Your instinct will tell you to pick up the phone and call, but something is stopping you from doing it.

That something will be the realization that girls like her can't be alone for long.

You'll find that she won't wait for you because someone else has done everything in their power has to win her over and keep a girl like her.

When you realize what exactly you have lost, she will be with someone who really appreciates her and earn ent.

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