7 things strong and independent women want from men

7 things strong and independent women want from men

Dating an independent woman can be the best of your life provided you know how you do treated her right.

But unfortunately men seem intimidated by such women – they stall them until they get fed up and call it a day.

When you're dating an independent woman, you have to realize that she doesn't need you to be around to complete; she already has everything she needs.

But she wants you to be her best friend, lover and significant other for the rest of her life and that is the greatest honor you can have – if someone who is doing well on their own and is happy wants you in their life.

So if you want to make your independent girlfriend happy and enjoy your amazing relationship to the fullest; If you want, take a look at this list of things independent women want from men.

1. Respect

We want you to respect our time, our opinions and our feelings.

If there is no respect in a relationship then we certainly won't stay with you.

It's as simple as that. We value ourselves, we've gone through a lot to become the best version of ours to become yourself, and yet there is always room for improvement.

However, if you ignore our opinions and needs just because you think your opinion is the only right one, then feel free to keep your opinion and take it to bed with you at night.

2. Time

We need time. No matter how strong the chemistry, the connection, or the attraction, we won't let you into our lives anytime soon.

We need to be sure that you are worth our time and love.

We've learned to run our lives on our own, and it really scares us to let someone walk into our lives just like that.

So be patient and give us time to see if you really are worth it.

3. Compassion

While we may seem cold and distant at times, we most certainly are not.

We have a reason for expressing our feelings hide and build protective walls around us.

If you want to be let in, you need to show us how much you really care about us.

Words mean nothing without action, so show us your sympathy and love.


And believe me, nothing is sexy like true, pure love and feelings.

4. Freedom

It's not something we just want, it's something we really need.

We need that alone time and that doesn't mean we don't love you or that you're bored.

It just means we need that little bit of time to clear our minds, to unwind and then being able to be there for you again.

When you finally understand that we neither cheat nor ”leave you in spirit” when we take our time to ourselves, we will love you even more.

5. honesty and sincerity

No games and certainly no manipulations.

If we wanted to play games, we would go out and have a one-night stand or let off steam with some fuckboy.

But if we are really interested in you, you must be honest and sincere.

We need to know that this is not just another challenge for you, an independent one conquering a woman and then simply disappearing.

We need to know that you really mean this.

6. Love

We can still be hurt, no matter how strong and independent we are.

It hurts us every time you thinks that our career is more important to us than you.

It hurts us every time you doubt our love because we are just different from your ex-girlfriends.

And one thing you have to know: when we love, we love unconditionally.

When we let someone into our lives, we give 100%.

We do not know half-hearted love, and we expect at least as much as we give.

So please love us and take care of our hearts, for they are much more delicate than you might imagine would think.

7. An independent man

We need someone who understands us. Someone who understands that we don't need someone who bombards us with 24/7 messages and with whom we spend every free minute.

We need someone who understands that it doesn't automatically mean that we not work on our relationship just because we're focused on our careers.

We need someone tough as we are.

Someone who can get their life together and who doesn't want to make a mother out of us. We need a partner of equals.

We need a man who knows that we are one even though we are two different individuals.

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