7 Texting Warning Signs That Prove He Really Is The Wrong Guy For You

7 Texting Warning Signs That Prove He's Really The Wrong Man For You

There are many aspects of a relationship that are necessary for it to work.

A relationship doesn't fail because of just one thing. There are always several factors that ultimately contribute to failure.

One of these important factors in a relationship is the texting between you and your partner.

By doing this you can do a lot ü Find out about your guy without him having to tell you much.

When you start a new relationship, the texting phase is almost always one of the most exciting phases.

You trade Messages are broadcast 24/7 and you just beam as soon as you see his name on your screen.

The conversations never end and you feel like there's nothing he can say that can wipe the grin off your face!

But after a while, when things get a little more serious his texting takes a negative turn.

He gets too loose knowing he has you hooked and his texting habits are nowhere near what they were in the beginning.

This will tell you if your man really is a total bastard or if he's worth it.

The way he texts you after he's already conquered you will be his reveal true nature and intent if you pay close attention!

Beware of these 7 types of messages you can get from him.

They are proof of that. r that he really is the wrong guy for you and that you should get rid of him as soon as possible!

1. He ignores your feelings and calls you crazy when you want to say something

You text him about a problem you have, don't you Something you think you should discuss and he just ignores everything you say and has absolutely no desire to think about your idea or suggestion.

He brings make you feel like you're crazy when you're just trying to get an answer that doesn't completely hide your emotions!

You can't get rid of anything and every time you try to text him something he doesn’t like, your stomach turns.

2. His answers are never specific, but vague

You want to find out more about him and his life, but every time you ask him a specific question, his answers sound great inaccurate.

It seems he doesn’t want to share the deep, personal things with you and he shakes you off with an extremely short message, which is very painful for you.

< p>Whenever you want to take the relationship to the next level through texting, you reach its limits that seem insurmountable.

3. He usually texts you late in the evening

And you know what that means. If he only thinks about you at night, it almost always means he's just looking for a bedtime story.

You keep telling yourself that's not the case and that it's just a coincidence, but everything points to the fact that it's really true.

You don't think he takes you seriously. Wouldn't he text you during the day if he took you seriously?

4. If he does text you during the day, in most cases it means that he needs something

You can get the feeling that he is only using you, don't get rid of it.

Whenever you see his name on your screen, you know it's either for sex or a favor.

It's not that you don't want to help him because you are, but it's a different story when that's all he always seems to want from you.

He makes it seem like there's something more to it, but it's in Really just the fact that you're handy to him, and that really sucks.

5. He only writes about himself and his interests

He rarely asks how you are. He rarely sends good morning messages.

He might reply if you text him first, but that's about it.

Most of his messages are about just about him and his shit and it seems he doesn't really care what's going on with you.

He doesn’t bother to get all the details about your life and it seems like you are not that high on his priority list.

He only cares about himself and for the things that happen to him.

6. He's passive-aggressive about small things when he texts

He knows; exactly what to say to make you feel like shit.

He always manages to make everything look like he didn't mean anything bad, but his messages are almost designed to be a subtle attack on you.

It's painful to be treated like that will. He just doesn’t care how his shitty messages come across to you and it seems like he doesn’t want to change that at all.

In case you make a mistake , he'll make you feel guilty by behaving so passive-aggressively that he should get an Oscar for Best Drama Performance by Writing.

7. It takes forever for him to answer you

If you message him, he almost never answers within an hour.

You know, that he has his phone in his hand all the time, but every time you text him, it takes forever for him to answer.

Even if a miracle happens and he answers on time, his answer demands usually no response.

It just seems like he doesn't care enough about you to understand that your time is valuable too and that his texts are nothing more than a toxic waste of time.

If that's the case, then he really is the wrong guy for you, and on several levels.

A guy like him is wrong for almost everyone, so go for it didn't finish it myself.

Not every guy is like that, fluffyß so get his lazy ass out and stop letting him waste your time. You deserve something so much better.

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