7 Tactics All Narcissists Use To Drain You

7 Tactics All Narcissists Use To Drain You

Narcissists suffer from a personality disorder that will eventually destroy you.

At first you don't understand what situation you put yourself in because these people are such good manipulators.

When you first meet them they strike you as this perfect rare breed of man and you're happy for yourself and you can't believe you hit the jackpot… you can't believe that you have found the perfect man for you.

Only then do you realize that it was all a lie.

You realize he's nothing more than a manipulative bastard who came into your life with only one goal— to suck you dry.

There's only one game they're absolute pros at – nobody can match them – and that's the game of manipulation.

It's their most powerful weapon and they know how to use it, to get absolutely anything they want.

They play these little games with you to hurt and humiliate you. People's unhappiness and misery strengthens their egos and feeds their souls.

Narcissists will eat you up and drain you, and after they're done with you, they will blame you.

What is fascinating about them is that they can somehow always start over.

No matter how many people they have destroyed, they will always find a new victim to manipulate and after they are done broken, they will leave you broken and move on to the next person.

These people will never admit when they make a mistake.

Also, they will blame you for everything, knowing full well that it is all their fault.

When you finally realize that he is taking advantage of you and has ripped all life out of you; once you finally kick him out of your world, he will do everything in his power to win you back.

He will use sucking tactics to literally drag you into a dysfunctional relationship.< /p>

These are the sucking tactics every narcissist uses to win you back:

1. They purposely misinterpret your thoughts and feelings

Narcissists have the superpower to make your opinions and thoughts look ridiculous.

They have the power to make you believe that you are insane and irrational. This is also called "mind reading" called.

These toxic people think they know exactly what you're thinking or feeling, so they have a tendency to jump to conclusions without properly assessing the situation first.

They get it not that they jump to conclusions because they believe they are right.

They will put words in your mouth and if you try to confront them, they will they deny that they ever said anything and just walk away.

2. They change the subject

Narcissists love this tactic.

Whenever you finish something or decide to confront them, they will change the subject and pretend they are the actual victim.

They will dig into the bugs that you did a year ago. They don't forget anything.

If you make a mistake, they will lie to you and pretend it's no big deal until such a situation arises.

Then they'll rub your nose in everything you've done just to draw attention away from themselves.

3. They stalk you and try to destroy your reputation

Once they lose control of you, they will do everything in their power to get other people to do so to see you as the toxic one.

They will try to destroy your reputation and smear your name so that you have no one's support after you leave them.

They want to make everyone around you think you're dangerous so that after they leave you you'll end up alone with no one to talk to.

They c&ouml ;may even harass or stalk you or people you know.

They will try to trick them, defile you or uncover the supposed truth about you.

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4. Sarcasm and condescending tone

Narcissists will use sarcasm to hurt you.

If both partners want to make sarcasm jokes, then it's funny, but if he's trying to provoke you with sarcasm, he's doing it on purpose, just for you to provoke and degrade.

And if you show him that you don't find what he says funny, then you are too sensitive or you don't understand his jokes, which are carefully thought out and designated are to hurt you.

His other manipulative stat is to treat you like a child, like you have no idea how to do something yourself, or like you don't understand anything and need careful explanation what to do and how.

He will make you feel stupid and inferior, because that's what he wants.

He wanted to silence you and make you forget that you have your own opinion, but you have gradually silenced yourself.

5. Gaslighting

This tactic is perfect for making someone lose all their self-respect and self-love.

His ultimate goal is that you feel useless without him and that's why you stay by his side and think forever that you can't live without him and that you are incapable of living and no one wants to live with you.

He will use this tactic to convince you of things that are not real. He will convince you that you did or said something that never happened.

He wants you to completely lose faith in yourself and give yourself completely to him, so he can keep using you like his obedient puppet for as long as he wants.

6. Criticism and Impossible Tasks

These people will criticize you with only one aim – to put you down and make you feel bad.

There are people who will give you constructive criticism in the hope that you will learn something from it and remember it next time you do something.

These people want to help you, but narcissists do only use criticism to discourage you. Maybe they're doing it out of jealousy or just plain spite.

Also, they will give you impossible tasks and set you impossible goals so that you always fail and feel like you're never good enough.

No matter how much you try, he will keep raising the bar for you to ”the target” never reached.

7. Control

They will take over and push you aside. You won't have a say.

They will slowly distance you from your friends and family and pretty much everyone you know because they want to be the only ones influencing your life.< /p>

They want to make you something they want by their side. And there's no way they can risk other people ruining it or trying to talk sense into you.

They will also take control of your finances and free time. They'll want to know what you're doing, with whom, and when.

They'll make sure they control every little aspect of your life so you have nowhere to go.

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