7 simple tips for ignoring him to get his attention

7 simple tips for ignoring him to get his attention

Relationships are difficult. And sometimes you have to come up with good strategies to get a man's attention.

Maybe you're in a long-term relationship that's just reached a difficult stage – he's distant and you feel like if he's losing interest.

He seems to be withdrawing and you don't know how to handle the situation.

Maybe you're just starting a new relationship and you don't want to ruin it by being too clingy.

You want everything to go smoothly, but even though it's too early to say anything, you get the feeling he's pulling away.

Breathe deep in. And slow down.

Most women would overreact. They would make some silly moves to get the boy’s attention.

But you won’t because I will tell you the secrets to get his attention no matter how it turns out a hopeless case.

For situations like this, for a ”disease” called retreat, one needs the secret ”medicine” called IGNORE.

Even though it may seem simple and obvious, believe me–when emotions are involved, you will have a hard time controlling your actions.

< p>Sometimes you catch yourself doing things you swore you would never do.

If someone told you a story about a girl texting a guy even though he didn't text her back (or something like that), you'd probably say, “I would ;would never do that. Is she crazy?

If I were in this situation, I would ignore him completely.”But here you are, doing the same thing- even though you said you would would not do. And that simple ‘IGNORE’ seems so difficult.

Use "Ignore" in the right way. Start with yourself, then work your way up to get what you want from him.

Here are a few tips to make the mission of ignoring him for his attention more successful :

1. Ignore the need for over-the-top emotional displays

This is a trap many women fall into. They think men experience emotions the same way they do. Then they show all their emotions too early.

Guys might be scared of that. They work on a different level than women.

It usually takes them more time to figure things out for themselves and be sure of their feelings before sharing them.

If If you make your emotions explicit or exaggerate with emotional displays, this could be the reason why he takes a different direction.

Too much honesty just makes him run as fast as he does can.

So take it slow. timing is everything. Slow down his pace and only start showing emotion when he's ready to show you.

Make sure you're on the same level. If you show your love and connection too early in a relationship, you could be sending signals that you are insecure or desperate.

By giving him space and time to think, you may be up the right way to give you a chance to love each other.

He'll probably wonder why you've changed and why you're not paying him as much ​​ attention as you used to, and that will make him make an effort to meet you.< /p>

2. Ignore the need to overreact

Most women tend to jump to conclusions.

Maybe everything is fine, but you're imagining it's because he didn't reply to your texts right away, or because he didn't write a heart emoji at the end of a goodnight text.

Whatever you do, make sure first that there is a reason to be concerned and to react, and that you have to react in some way.

Constant complaints and noise Over the little things can make him run as fast as he can. Nobody wants to hear constant whining, especially for no reason.

Choose your battles wisely.

If you really have a problem, you need to take it up with him and make sure it's a real one.

If he's hurting you in any way, you should tell him openly. However, overdoing it can suffocate a relationship.

You want him to see you as a woman who doesn't overestimate every word.

Your life is your own and you don't have time to think about everything he does. You should only want to solve bigger problems.

He might even be surprised or worried why you haven't acted on things that would normally make you go insane ;rdest.

3. Stop ignoring yourself and he will stop ignoring you too

Face yourself first. Don't be too attentive to his needs and don't jump on every call and last minute invitation he gives you.

You don't have to act busy. You need to be busy- busy with yourself.

Make your life work the way you want it to. Be aware of your needs too.

You have your studies, your friends and family, your work, your career plans, your activities and interests… independent of him.

You must have your own life and he should be an important part of it. If you're too accommodating, he'll get used to it.

He'll take your time for granted and naturally assume that you'll always have time for him.

He should be the one who adjusts his plans-at least sometimes.

You don't have to constantly bend over backwards to fit his plans. Compromise is always a good thing, but don't let him think you don't have a life of your own.

A man likes nothing more than an independent woman who can also fit him into her busy schedule.

4. Stop ignoring your desires

Take responsibility. Make road trip plans. Make plans for dinner. Book tickets to see a movie he would be interested in.

Buy tickets to a concert with a musician you both like.

< p>Make any plans that might be interesting for both of you. Say you organized something and ask him to join you.

Most women are used to men making all the arrangements. This is a way of showing him that you are self-sufficient and able to organize activities, and that you want him to join you.

The key thing here is to say : “If you can't come, that's fine.

I'm going to ask some of my friends to go with me because I really want to go.”

Keep it easy. It will make him wonder, ”What friends?” And you will show him that you are capable of having fun. without having it.

This is a subtle way of ignoring it.

5. hot and cold

If you keep ignoring him, he will get tired of it after a while. He will see that he is running into a wall and that he has no chance.

So give him a few hints that there might be hope for him after all.

You've been playing the role of an ice queen, but give him hints from time to time that you have a warm heart underneath.

Talk to him when you get a chance. Show him that you're interested in what he has to say.

Make him feel like what he's saying is so intriguing that you don't want to miss a single word.


You could even text him to ask him about something he has some information about and you don't (but don't make it too obvious).

If you see that your sudden hints make him want to talk to you more or text you more, you're on the right track.

Keep the balance between ignoring and paying attention. You don't want to be super cool with him, but you don't want to be seen as needy either.

Play the game from hotß and cold, give him just enough to keep him hooked, but not too much. Balance is key.

6. Arouse his jealousy

Men are very competitive and sometimes it just takes a little jealousy to get them up and coming after you.

He sees maybe not even what he has right in front of him until there is a danger that someone else might take it.

So, flirt, but in a way where you give your attention to others.

Talk to another man, smile a lot, touch his shoulder and just focus on him.


Make sure your husband can see you talking to another man and just pay attention to the guy you're talking to.

Arousing jealousy is one of the most dangerous tactics because you could give him the message that you are not interested or that you are interested in someone else.

So be careful not to play the flirting game too much to exaggerate, because jealousy will only drive him away. You only need a spark, not a big fire.

7. Follow him

If he ignores your texts, don't ask him why he ignores them. Do the same&md; don't text him. Don't call.

Don't insist. Don't force things. It's pointless.

He'll be more interested if he doesn't hear from you than if you send text after text trying to get to the bottom of things.

Ignoring him makes him wonder, where you've gone It forms a million questions in his head. It makes you a puzzle and he'll be eager to solve it.

And if you're too available, it does the opposite. He knows where you are, what you are thinking and he knows that his non-response doesn't bother you.

So he has the upper hand in this situation, even though he has no idea what's happening and thinks you probably don't care if he responds to your text or not.

He will respond eventually , and when he does, take your precious time to reply.

Don't let him think you waited on the phone for him to remember you.

Don't ever let him see you're mad that he didn't write. I know these games can be exhausting, but sometimes they're necessary.

It's not a good idea to invest heavily in someone who doesn't invest in you.

That's why you shouldn't give more than he gives you. You should care for each other in the same way and give each other equal time and attention.

Obviously you won't be measuring and counting who gave more of themselves on each occasion, but make sure that you are somewhere nearby.

All your efforts should be repaid, never settle for less.

If you feel like you are giving too much and he is not giving at all, maybe you should give it again Reconsider whether you even want this type of relationship.

Ignoring someone is also a good way to test if they're really into you.

If you If you ignore him in any of the above ways and he starts stalking you, you're on the right track. Using reverse psychology, you got what you wanted. 

It means you have his full attention. If he doesn’t take action, at least you know where you stand and it will be his loss if he doesn’t make an effort to meet you.

The bottom line is that Men are simple: if you pursue them, they will retreat. If you ignore them, they will come after you.

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