7 signs your relationship is no longer worth fighting for

7 signs your relationship is no longer worth fighting for

We are fighters and we hardly ever stop, when there is even the slightest hope. Whether it's keeping the relationship going, caring for others, saving ourselves and our dreams, we're just not failures.

But sometimes it's best to stop ;ren. Sometimes there is no other way for us to save ourselves in the end because even if we try, if we give everything we have, it is not enough.

Some things are meant to be easy not work. relationships included. If you're going in circles and fighting the same battles over and over again, maybe it's time to go.

If you're still not sure if your relationship is worth fighting for longer, check out the list below that may help you make the decision that's best for you.

< h2>1. Your fights repeat themselves

Fighting is good and pretty healthy for a relationship if you figure out the problem in the end and you get closer with each fight.

But if you keep arguing about the same things and the things that trigger them, that's a huge red flag saying you're not that good a match.

You have haven't found a way to discuss and get over any issues and without that you'll be stuck in the same place until someone finally snaps.

You two might be over of emotional immaturity, but regardless of the cause, that's always a big red rag.

2. Communication is missing

Or you never really had it. When we fall in love with someone, it feels great. We are in the honeymoon phase and everything looks amazing and perfect.

We meet, the passion shoots through the roof and we just can't get enough of each other. But what happens when the honeymoon period is over?

If you notice a lack of communication and that you can't open up, it could be a sign that you are not ready for a relationship.

Or, if your communication suddenly disappeared, your man could be shut up for some reason.

Men tend to do this when they are falling out of love but don't know how to bring it up.< /p>

3. You no longer see each other as equals

What started out as a great relationship now seems like a give and take game.

You're always the one who tries harder, the one who fights for both of you, the one who gets hurt and the one who doesn't feel good enough.

When he makes you feel less worthy and you are under him, then he is just playing games to boost his ego. He will rob you of your trust to make him feel better.

True love doesn't mean a person is better; It's about the two of you striving together.

4. There is no trust

Trust is the most fundamental thing in a relationship. You can't have love without trust.

If you suspect him that he is cheating on you and he has given you a reason or has already cheated on you, but then not to change his behavior seems it's time you put yourself first.

If a man can't see your worth and makes you constantly wonder if maybe you're not good enough, then it's not worth it.

A real man never becomes his wife with that thought let her go to sleep that she wasn't enough. A real man will never give her a reason to doubt his loyalty.

5. He doesn't feel guilty and can't see things from your perspective

This is a sign that he is emotionally unavailable. It's not that he doesn't want to, it's the fact that he can't.

He sees himself as perfect, so how can he go wrong?

He'll try to make you feel guilty if you raised the issue and you'll end up apologizing to him or thinking you're crazy for thinking that.

But your feelings, your gut, never lie. Nobody has the right to decide whether they hurt someone or not.

When you hurt someone, it's up to you to acknowledge your mistake and apologize, even if it's accidental.

If they can't even apologize, that's not a person to be around want because he will never change.

6. There is no respect

If he doesn't respect your feelings, opinion or you, you need to break that shit. don't put up with it.

You didn't build yourself up so he could take you for granted, just see you as an accessory.

There is no man who would want your tears and your love. it's earthy if he doesn't appreciate you. Don't forget that you deserve to be happy too.

You deserve someone who will love and respect you. If he's not the one doing it, then he's not the one worth fighting for.

7. You feel lonely even when you are together

The worst kind of loneliness is the one we feel next to the person we love.

It's the kind of loneliness that tears you apart from the inside, crushes your soul and breaks your heart every day.

If you feel lonely next to him, he does doesn't seem to notice, leave. It just means he's too self-absorbed to notice you're hurt.

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