7 signs that you and your partner are a perfect match

7 signs that you and your partner are a perfect match

Finding the perfect partner for life is like putting pieces of a puzzle together. Only the right part fits, and you have to be careful to find it.

That's why only one person fits so perfectly into your life. Just one person is your missing piece of the puzzle.

In other words, you are compatible with someone who you can have a normal and healthy relationship with.

Someone who is just as compatible with you loves him very much like you. Someone with whom you can find a common language and feel some kind of harmony.

It's not exactly easy to find someone who we are such a good match for. You pick so many wrong puzzle pieces out of the box until you find the right one.

So sometimes we get matched with the wrong people and we give up trying to find someone with whom we are a perfect match.

These clear signs will help you understand what it really looks like when the pieces of the puzzle fit together and that a soul mate is worth the wait.

They also serve as a kind of reminder , how lucky everyone is who has already found it.

1. You are best friends and lovers at the same time

Friendship is the foundation, because friendship means understanding and without mutual understanding there is no harmony.

You have funß together. you cry together You tell each other your hopes and dreams. You make plans for the future. The chemistry is so perfect it looks like it could last a lifetime.

And when you have all that with someone, when you can find both passion and friendship in a person, then never let them go.

He is your personal body, your mind and yours Soul. The best part is that you are his too.

2. You're just as weird as he is

No one said it better than Robert Fulghum:

“We are all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone who is just as weird as us, we team up with them and throw ourselves into a happy weirdness – and call it love – true love.”

3. You have the same inner compass

You have similar views on life and share the same values, which is especially important on stormy days when everything gets extremely difficult. Unfortunately, there will probably be a few days like that, because that's just part of life.

But if you know that you share the same values, it will be easier to make decisions and get through difficult times together.

4. You can deal with each other’s mistakes

It sounds a bit harsh, but it's true. We all have our flaws, and sometimes we can fix those flaws, sometimes we can't.

We couldn’t stand another’s mistakes for a second, but when it comes to the one we really love, they don’t bother us. We're used to it and despite everything, we get along without any problems.

We have adapted to our partner's faults, just as he has adapted to ours.

5 . Both of you are willing to take responsibility for your actions

We all mess up. Nobody is perfect. Your partner should be able to listen to you when you tell them that their behavior has hurt you.

If they can admit their mistakes and apologize for their behavior, that's wonderful . You really have to accept that immediately, but you mustn't use double standards. measure.

Sometimes it's all your fault, so apologize to him too and reflect on your behavior. Nobody is a saint.

6. You are ready to grow together

People change. A few years or even a year ago you were probably a very different person.

You are growing and evolving and when you have the right man by your side, you do so together.

Your appearance will change, and so will your behavior, habits and preferences.

The only thing that will always remain the same is love. So accept the changes and appreciate the love.

7. You both have your freedom

Freedom in the sense of mutual trust. You are allowed to lead your own life and have your own interests outside of the relationship.

You do not limit each other with ultimatums. You don't set yourself any limits. There is no reason for jealousy or any kind of manipulation.

Your relationship is built on trust. By giving each other space and freedom, you build a stronger relationship.

You two are just a perfect match.

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