7 reasons so many toxic men are attracted to you

7 Reasons Why So Many Toxic Men Are Attracted To You

There are many women who always attract the same wrong men.

Let's get one thing straight – these toxic men are the ones who are at fault.

However, there has to be something that makes you feel attracted to them, right?

It can't just be a coincidence. So let's think about it.

What could be the reasons why so many toxic men turn away from feel attracted to you?

Here are some possible explanations for this:

1. You have low self esteem

They realize you don't really love yourself, so they feel like they shouldn't either.

It's easy to become someone's victim and get sucked into a vicious circle when you don't value yourself the way you should.

Toxic men fear women with high self-esteem because they know that these women have high standards in men, which is why they are attracted to insecure women.

2. You're too nice

Toxic men will take advantage of this.

They know you won't be the one to complain or blame them ;gives back what they deserve.

Being too nice, too polite, or too understanding is your way of telling them that they keep acting like assholes can.

And trust me, they will.

3. You are too empathetic

They say that opposites attract. That sounds pretty romantic, but in this case there's a catch.

A toxic man becomes the perfect “victim” in an empathetic woman. because she will patiently listen to all his problems.

If you have an empathic soul, then you will feel sorry for him and an urge to help him.

But most of them lie and act like professional actors, just for the sake of it to get a little pity and then take advantage of the situation as they please.

But in the end you pay the price. And you definitely don’t want to attract men like that. 

4. You are known for making things right

You have romantic notions in your mind that love can move mountains and change everything.

You believe that your love and help can actually have a good influence on him and that he will eventually change.

But guess what? this will never happen! Damaged and toxic people have problems that need to be solved by specialists, not girlfriends.

5. You are disappointed in love

Maybe you've been hurt one too many times. It's not easy to mend a broken heart.

Toxic men sense this and are attracted to you because they know they can more easily take advantage of people whose look at love is fake right now.

You fall for them because these men are smart and because they know they can fool you for being so vulnerable .

6. You fail to set boundaries

You are not strong enough to set boundaries from the start.

Maybe it's because you don't want to hurt his feelings and/or because you're human, avoiding conflict.

Once again, it is your insecurity that makes you vulnerable.

You must be able to say ”Enough is enough” and stand up for yourself when dealing with toxic people.

7. They see you as their hope for change

Toxic men are attracted to some women because they see them as an opportunity for self-improvement see.

Sometimes they know they need to change their toxic behaviors and that's why they choose women with a healthy lifestyle.

But unfortunately it's not As promising as it sounds, a toxic man will always return to his bad behavior.

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