7 Phrases Psychopaths And Manipulators Use To Wreck You In A Relationship

7 phrases psychopaths and manipulators use to break you up in a relationship

There are different types of extremely problematic types (like narcissists, psychopaths and manipulators), who will work hard to break your back by blackmailing you, humiliating you and destroying your self-esteem.

They are afraid of losing you and claim they will love you.

They will do anything just to manipulate your feelings.

If you notice him using some of the following phrases, you should take that as a red flag.

Unfortunately, these types of people can do a lot of harm in your life and that's why it's so important to See signs as early as possible.

1. If you leave me, I will kill myself.

A BIG WARNING SIGN. These demented people use blackmail because they know it will usually work for a while.

He will succeed until the moment you realize you don't give a damn what he would do – that there is nothing worse than having to put up with him

2. Look what you've done, what you've made of me…

It's so dangerous because he's playing with your mind. He wants to blame you for every bad thing.

He yelled at you because you provoked him.

He hit you because you deserved it. He's acting like a complete asshole, but he wants to convince you that you made him that way.

Sound familiar? If yes – RUN!!!

3. Don't make me angry!

In this situation, he openly shows you that you are inferior to him.

He reminds you of what is happening , when he is angry and he wants you to know that you will pay the price.

Don't let the fear get the better of you and get rid of him as soon as possible!

4. If you love me, you will do this for me.

He's a selfish bastard. He gives you ultimatums because he knows your weakest point.

No matter how crazy his demands are, you must fulfill them to prove your love for him.

Girl, this is SICK. Nobody should make you do things you don't want to do because that is defined as abuse.

5. My ex used to do it like this…

He's probably still attached to his ex who dumped him because she obviously realized how crazy he was.< /p>

He's constantly comparing you to her and he's openly showing you that you're not good enough.

The truth is – he's not interested in you, you're just there to fill an empty space in his life.

6. You don't want me to be happy.

This sentence usually comes with a crazy demand that you don't want to fulfill.


He's obviously excited and happy about some crazy things you don't like.

He doesn't care about your opinion, he wants what he wants , and that's why he subtly blackmails you with this sentence.

7. You are too weak to be alone.

He knows that you are not strong enough to dump him right now because you are probably scared to stay alone.

He wants to convince you that no one wants you anyway.

He works very hard to destroy your self-confidence because ever smolder; The cher you are, the easier it is for him to manipulate you.

But in the end, one thing is absolutely true: being single is much better than being in a relationship with a lunatic!< /p>

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