7 Painful Signs He Doesn't Want You For His Girlfriend

7 Painful Signs He Doesn't Want You For His Girlfriend

You want a boyfriend and have been looking for the signs he doesn't want you as his Girlfriend wants but you can't seem to find one?

Maybe he really doesn't want anything serious and you're not on the same page.

It happens all the time and you're not the only one who does this.

Many men show interest in you, but when you start a relationship you realize that there is a lack of interest and you end up taking care of everything.

You are the only one who tries to keep things going.

But the difference between men who want to date you and those who just want to have fun; want is not very big.

You can often misunderstand characters and interpret them in a way that suits you.

So, to escape a potential disaster and run away in time, recognize the signs he doesn't want you as a girlfriend:

1. You two are so different

One reason why he doesn't want you as a girlfriend may be that you two are very different.

You might have different ones Belief systems, or you're a vegetarian and he's not.

It doesn't matter what the issue is, if it bothers him, he won't just let it go.

Maybe he's shy and you're outgoing, it really doesn't matter as long as it's different.

Most don't see these differences as something that can bring you even closer together and be one of yours or others can learn; they see them as something they can't handle and that is destroying a possible relationship.

2. He doesn't want to give things names

If he refuses to define what kind of relationship you're in, then there's no way he wants to be with you.

He's only putting you off because he doesn't have the courage to face you directly to say it's over.

Men who want to be with you say so too, and those who only want one thing also show you that you're just a flirt.< /p>

Those who don't want to name it all are the most dangerous.

3. He shows no interest in you

I'm not talking about sexual interest, I mean that he doesn't care what kind of person you are.

He doesn't ask about your life and doesn't care about yours Past.

He doesn't care if you dated one other person or 20.

He doesn't care if you have siblings and he really doesn't care about your hobbies.

A man who likes you will make an effort to figure out what you like and don't like.

He will try to find out things about you because he genuinely cares.

4. He never calls you

He only texts you and that's a clear sign that he doesn't want to talk to you.

He doesn't want to deepen your relationship, he wants to keep you at a distance.

Just texting someone means trying to avoid talking to them.

And why avoid anyone talks? He's not interested enough to get involved like that.

5. He doesn't want to introduce you to his friends

He doesn't want to involve you in his personal life. Friends are like family and if he doesn't care that much about you, he won't introduce you to them.

He doesn't want them to meet you because he doesn't plan on hanging out with you for too long, so why bother to introduce yourself to them?

6. He's not trying to impress you

He doesn't care about your opinions because he's not interested in a serious relationship with you and that's why he doesn't even try to impress you.

He doesn't really care what you think of him , because you are probably just a plan B for him.

He probably just wants you for sex and nothing else and he doesn't care about your opinions.

7. He's not talking about the future

Whenever you talk about the future, he's not specific, like he doesn't know what he wants.

Does he want to stay with you or someone else?

There are no future plans that include you. That's the worst sign you can get from a man you're dating.

If you ask him what he plans to do sometime in the future, he'll give you vague answers.


He does it because he doesn’t want to include you in his plans, which means he’s not very interested in you.

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