7 Obvious Signs You've Found Your Soulmate

7 obvious signs you've found your soulmate

“A bond between souls is ancient – Older than the planet.” ~ Dianna Hardy

From the moment we are born, our soul is destined to have a counterpart have.

Before people meet and fall in love in the real physical world, their souls meet in the spirit world.

They create an unbreakable bond that turns into real touchable love.

< p>You must have your match – your other half – because we are all incomplete. As much as we want to think we don't need anyone, we do.

We need someone to share our burdens with. We need someone to be our rock when we get to these dark places in our minds.

We need someone to complete us.

That someone will help you be a better version of yourself. He will make you a better person. He will bring all your positive qualities to overcome the negative ones.

He has the ability to make you almost perfect- the best you can be.

There's one small thing. I hear people say that there is no such thing as a soul mate–that this idea is just a load of bullshit.

But I disagree. You see, everyone has their other half – there's no arguing about that. It's just that sometimes people don't know how to recognize it.

Nobody says that connecting with your soulmate is going to be easy just because you're meant to be. That doesn't mean that the two of you don't have the same relationship problems as others.

The beginning of any relationship is tough, just like the one with your soulmate. Don't expect your world to be pink and flowery. It's the same world as before.

The only thing that's different is that you got a chance to recognize your soulmate because maybe they're in disguise.

Don't waste this chance. Instead try to make it work because over time all your hard work and investment in your relationship will pay off.

If you're having trouble figuring out if he's your soulmate or not, here are some obvious signs that can help you to make the blurry picture clearer:

1. He supports you

You will never be left hanging. Whatever you decide, he will have your back.

Even if he thinks it's not the smartest move, he will be there for you because he knows the importance of making mistakes.

You learn from them. He will let you make that mistake, but he will be there for you when you fail. And it will be fine. You will have his support to keep trying.

2. It's like you already know each other

This is what happens when you meet someone you belong with. You feel like you've already met him.

His face looks familiar and his movements look so natural – like you've seen his gestures a thousand times.

And what about Déjà vu? What about the times when you could swear you've been in the same situation with the exact same person?

How is that possible when you just met him?


3. You have the same views

When you meet, you talk about everything—you share your life stories, your hobbies, etc. That's how you create a deeper bond.

And somewhere along the way, you realize that you, albeit not the same , has similar morals and values.

You are the same kind of people. That's why it's so easy to talk to your other half. That's why he understands everything you say. That's why he understands how you feel. Because he can put himself in your shoes.

4. You feel safe with him

Whenever you're in trouble or just feeling down, you long for his hug. You just have to be in his arms.

The warmth of his body, his breath and his heartbeat give you security. You are sure that nothing and nobody in this world can touch you.

Even if you radiate negative energy, he has a solution for it. He sucks that energy out of you with his positivity. And you feel safe again.

5. He is trustworthy

You would never reserve anything for him. You don't feel that pressure and embarrassment that you might feel in others. You can tell him absolutely anything.

Because you know that he will listen to everything you have to say. He will give you advice if he has any.

That's why you can trust him. Because you know he won't judge you. He can only help you.

6. You feel each other

It's a telepathic connection. Even if for some reason you don't want to tell him you're in pain, he'll know – he'll feel it.

Just looking into your eyes will tell you that something is wrong. And no matter how hard you try to hide it, you will fail.

And when he sees you in pain, he will sympathize with you. He will feel the pain in his own skin – like something bad has happened to him. Because you are one. What hurts you hurts him too.

7. You know

Something deep down tells you that he is the one for you. No one can explain that in words. This is incomprehensible and therefore mysterious.

It's as if there is some kind of spiritual force pushing you against each other and every little thing falls into place.


There you have it. You will experience all of these signs sooner or later. Just be wise enough to recognize them.

There is only one soulmate. If you miss it, who knows if you'll meet it again?

But then again, if you miss it, does that mean there's no one else for you?

And if so,where do all unrecognized souls go?

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