7 Honest Confessions I'd Love To Make To My Ex

7 Honest Confessions I'd Like To Make To My Ex

There are things I'd like to say to my ex, but I can't.

Not that I'm not brave enough to tell him everything that's on my mind. I just think it would be unnecessary for him to know all that and it would only hurt me more.

Maybe it'll become a perfect pronunciation eventually come and I will be able to tell him everything, but until then I will open my heart and soul to you.

When the time comes, I want to confess the following to him:

1. I wanted you to hurt like it did me

Sometimes I pretended I only wanted what was best for you, but secretly I wished that I didn't it hurts you as much as it hurts me.

It was just unbearable to know that you were ok while I felt like my world was ending. Everything hurt so bad and I hoped you felt the same way.

Not that I generally like to see you suffer; that would have been just a proof to me that our love meant something to you.

2. In a way I will always be there for you

I will never be there for you like I used to be, but your voice, your looks, your smell… your existence will always weaken a part of me.

You will never be unimportant to me, no matter how far apart we are and how many years pass.

I won't wait for you, but I can't guarantee that under certain circumstances I won't be back started something with you.

3. I still can't quite come to terms with the fact that we're not together

I've moved on with my life, but I felt terrible after our breakup, and I am never quite got over it.

We've been through so much together and for a while I really thought you were the one.

Even though we've been apart for so long, I still can't quite come to terms with the fact that I'm not am with you anymore and can't call me your girlfriend anymore.

4. Still, I don't think we were made for each other

Despite all of that, I'm pretty sure I wasn't meant for you. Something in my head tells me that you weren't the one for me.

That voice used to tell me that when we were still together and I ignored it, but now it serves a comfort to me when I'm depressed about our breakup.

I can't say exactly what that was, but something was always missing.

5. Actually I don't miss you – i miss me when i was with you

Can't really say I miss you in a classic way – such as missing spending time with you and doing everything we did together.

Most of all, I miss the person I was when you were around. I was excited, happy, happy… I miss how wonderful you made me feel.

6. I find myself thinking about you and I hate it

I think about you every now and then and it annoys me. These thoughts come out of nowhere and always upset me.

I don’t want to forget you because you have played an important role in my life. Nevertheless, I don’t want to think about you so often and feel your presence anytime, anywhere.

7. I really hope that you will find your happiness

After everything that has happened between us in the past, today I can honestly say that I have no bad luck for you ;wish still pain.

I would be really happy if I knew that you found happiness in all areas of your life.

I can't say it doesn't hurt a little to hear that you found or married the perfect woman, but I think that's totally normal.

I hope so really that all your dreams will come true and that you will never forget the woman you once told them to.

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