7 Deal Breakers When Dating Men

7 deal breaker for data for men

This may surprise you now, but men are actually quite complicated when it comes to dating.

They have different types to date and will adjust their claims accordingly.

If it's just a casual date and he's not expecting much and isn't very interested in the girl, he'll just make sure her company is pleasant.

He does so for lack of sexual or emotional interest in her.

Casual dating isn't very common, but if it is, it's probably during his healing period – More often than not from a recent breakup.

On the other hand, if a man is looking for something serious and is sexually attracted, he will take the girl more seriously and for signs of a possible relationship search.

Men in such situations can be very picky and back down for any number of reasons (except they just want sex).

Some are eligible, others no, but here's a list of the top 7 things that are absolute deal-breakers when it comes to dating for men:

1. Physical Appearance

Whoever tells you that looks don't count is lying!

If you're on a blind date or just started When dating someone, the first thing you notice is how they look.

Of course, every guy has his own taste, but there are things that turn any man off immediately: too much make-up, you're out of shape and short hair is the most common.

As a woman, you should you don't worry too much about it because if he really only judges you by your looks then he doesn't deserve to know your personality either.

2. Income and lack of ambition

Yes, this is important for a man looking for a serious relationship.

No one wants to be financially exploited by their partner, but even if a girl earns more than they do, it's unconventional and will put him off.

Ambition is important for a grown man and when he sees that you have no goals in life, no interests and nothing to offer, then he will withdraw.

3. Judgmental

Men typically have the attitude, “I'm nobody's project.”

They don't want to quit smoking and drinking or their little hobbies just for one girl.

If you evaluate and don't the things that are important to him like his past and lifestyle accept it means you don't care about him.

Everyone needs to break bad habits, but they need to recognize it and do it themselves – you can't force him to do anything.

4. Too rushed

This can scare men – no, they don't want to plan a wedding, children or any future yet.

You two don't know if you'll last a few months yet.

Getting too close too soon is a red flag for a man and he will definitely act on it.

5. Non-writers

We live in a world where everyone is glued to their phones.

Texting is an important part of, before and even after dating, and not responding for a few hours can mean “it's over”.

A man will increase your interest in frequency gauge your messages.

If you don't keep the conversation going via text or just refuse to text, he'll assume you're not interested and he'll lose interest himself.

6. Make it too easy for him

Men love a challenge and when you're not one – then you're out of the game.

Maybe he'll call you to make out, but he'll never take you seriously.

If a woman sleeps with him too early, then that's a definite no-go for him .

Except for wanting ‘friendship +’ with him you shouldn't give him everything right away – no matter how much you like him.

You have to find a balance because if you play too hard, he will pinch.

7. Addicted to social media

Many men have a love-hate relationship with social media. But if you're looking for a romantic partner, don't be addicted.

It can be off-putting when a woman spends disproportionate amounts of time on social media .

Nothing is worse for a man than seeing you take dozens of selfies during the date – not only is it rude and annoying, but it also diminishes his opinion of your intelligence and maturity.

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