7 Body Language Signs That Say He's Not That Into You

7 Body Language Signs That Say He's Not That Into You

Sometimes it's really hard to understand guys.

On your first date you're having a great time, everything seems perfect and suddenly: BOOM!

He starts acting strange, makes up some lame excuses, so what he was too busy or something. Eventually he won't answer at all.

You wish someone could tell you what's going on in his head.

You were absolutely sure that you were perfect fits together, and now you're beginning to doubt your own thoughts.

To avoid this, simply pay attention to his body language.

You'll be amazed at how much you can find out about a person just by observing.

So next time you meet, look out for the following body language signs that are true I reveal and signal that he's not that into you:

1. No eye contact

You tell him interesting stories about your childhood, but his eyes keep darting and he just can't meet your eyes.

This signals that he's not really interested in what you're telling him (unless you're sure he's not an introvert).

So he can't relate to you or anything focus on what you're talking about.

Another signal is when he looks at you but can't maintain eye contact for more than two or three seconds.

After that, his eyes will wander further and he has this weird expression on his face and pretends he's really listening to you.

2. Crossed Arms Syndrome

If his arms are crossed (make sure he's not cold first), it means he's subconsciously having a Kind of a barrier between the two of you.

His mind is compelling him to do so because he is not feeling well, so he unconsciously creates a block to withdraw.

Another indication is when he isn't really involved in the conversation and you're the only one initiating it.

3. He fakes his smile

Our smile is a powerful sign that says a lot about our mood or intentions.

A real smile doesn’t require any effort.

Your cheeks will naturally lift up, your eyes will sparkle and you will look genuinely happy.

A fake smile is the complete opposite.

If during the conversation he seems like he's trying too hard to smile, then you know he's faking his smile.

His smile is far from genuine and you find it ridiculous.

That means he just wants to be polite and doesn't fancy you.

4. His body and feet aren't pointing in your direction

Men usually sit with their legs apart if they like you and enjoy your company.

I know that sounds weird, but it's true and they're not even aware of it.

If his legs and feet aren't pointing your way, he's signaling you that he would rather be somewhere else.

His body is subconsciously looking for an exit and that is why his feet are pointing in that direction and not in your direction.< /p>

5. He keeps touching his nose

Another interesting clue is his nose.

If he keeps touching his nose, it means that something negative is going on in his head.

It can also mean that he lies to you. Other signs include when he fidgets and can't keep still.

So watch his nose for these subtle clues that can help you uncover the truth.

6. He scratches his head

If you've ever watched someone do a difficult task (be it an exam or something else), you've probably noticed them scratching their heads trying to find a solution to the problem.

This is how our body signals that we are confused.

We don't know how to solve the problem and it makes us nervous.

So if he's scratching his head, you should know something's going on inside his head.

7. He is sitting on the edge of the chair

Does his sitting position strike you as very unnatural?

Is he sitting at the very edge of the chair as if preparing to be catapulted to Mars?

If the answer is yes, his body is trying to tell you that he is tense and uncomfortable around you.

His body is signaling that something is wrong and that he is hearing; Most likely not into you.

But this sign is tricky. It can also mean that he is head over heels in love with you and very curious about what you will say next.

If you are not sure, look out for the other signs that to clear your doubts.

Before jumping to any conclusions, note whether all of these body language signs (or some of them) are accompanied by other relevant indicators, such as e.g. his way of speaking, his general demeanor and behaviour.

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