60 funny and wacky questions to ask your boyfriend

60 hilarious and wacky questions to ask your boyfriend

Ask your boyfriend kinky and spicy questions is a sure-fire way to get to know them on a new, deeper level. Although these questions may seem embarrassing to you, this is a fun way to learn a lot about your boyfriend. 

Don't hesitate to ask these things, because you could You might find that you guys are into the same things, and so you'll end up connecting on a much more delightful level.

By asking him these open and honest questions without any restraint, you are showing him that you are an open book and that your relationship does not have to be taboo.

He will be more than happy to see that there is something freaky about his girl and that he can talk to you about his sexual desires.

Who knows, maybe you will you end up finding out that you guys are into the same perverted things, and the night ahead could be full of endless erotic activities…

So, here are some crazy questions you face him and thereby reignite the fire between the two of you.

1. Have you ever called a woman by her wrong name during sex?

2. Be honest, do you like it sans or do you like hair down there?

3. What is your favorite part of a woman's body and why?

4. Who is your favorite pornstar?

5. What was the hottest text message you've ever sent to a woman?

6. What is your favorite sex position of all time and how long can you stay in it?

7. Have you ever done a lap dance and if not, would you like to do one for me?

8. Have you ever been in a relationship where the woman was a lady on the street but a freak in bed?

9. What do you think if we spend the whole night together naked but without sex. Just touch!

10. Have you ever had a one night stand and do you prefer them to relationships?

11. Do you mind dirty talking to me while you take off my clothes piece by piece? Oh and take as much time as you need. I like it slow and hot.

12. When you fantasize about sex, who do you picture in your head?

13. Would you like to roleplay and who would you like me to dress up as?

14. Have you ever gotten horny at the worst possible time? If so, please describe in detail!

15. Do you mind coming over here and gently touching my breasts while I slowly undress you?

16. Who did you have your favorite sex with?

17. Do you like taking control during sex or do you prefer to be told what to do?

18. What was the craziest place you've ever had sex?

19. Have you ever been caught doing it and by whom?

20. What exactly would you do to me if I were with you right now?

21. Which part of your body do you think is the hottest?

22. Do you like foreplay or do you prefer to get straight to the point?

23. What turns you on more than anything else?

24. What is your favorite place for sex?

25. If you could have sex with any pornstar, who would you choose?

26. Does watching porn turn you on?

27. Would you like us to watch porn together and then get down to business at the same time?

28. How long will it take you to come when I come over tonight?

29. Does thinking about me make you horny?

30. Is there one thing you can't resist?

31. How often do you masturbate while thinking about me?

32. Do you like using toys during sex?

33. Do you prefer me completely naked during sex or do you prefer to be dressed?

34. How long did you last in the bedroom?

35. If you could have a threesome with me and another woman, who would it be?

36. What's the one sexual fantasy you're afraid to share with me?

37. Do you think I'm good at kissing?

38. What are you wearing right now, and do you mind taking it off? I'm on my way to you.

39. Have you ever had sex with an older woman and what was it like?

40. Do you like being watched while having sex?

41. Where is your favorite place to be touched?

42. Is there something you want me to do with you?

43. What lingerie would you most like to see me in?

44. Does dirty talk make you as horny as me?

45. What is your favorite part of my body and why?

46. Has anyone ever seen you naked other than the woman you were with at the time?

47. Have you ever fantasized about your girlfriend's mother?

48. If you had to choose between having sex or getting sucked off for the rest of your life, but not both, what would you choose?

49. Do you like it when we cum at the same time?

50. What is your secret love when it comes to sex?

51. When did you have your first time, with whom and how was it?

52. Do you think you are a good sex partner and is there anything you could do better?

53. Are you a screamer or a silent lover?

54. Do you like it when I moan?

55. Have you ever been caught masturbating?

56. Are you a bleeder or a butcher?

57. What outfit should I wear tonight when you lay me on your couch?

58. Have you ever had phone sex and would you like to try it with me?

59. Do you prefer me upstairs or do you like it better if you tell me what to do?

60. Do you like it when I suck you?

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