6 ways to survive lockdown after breakup

6 Ways to survive lockdown after breakup

The best way to get over your partner is to stick to lockdown post-breakup. It usually lasts 90 days, but that also depends on the situation.

According to psychologists, during this time when you are not in touch with your ex, you can get over him, sure think and learn to control yourself.

But the big question is: how do you actually do it? How do you cut ties with someone who still means the world to you?

If you want to find out then please read on as I am going to share with you the best ways how to do this survive time and get back on track.

1. Focus on yourself

It's very simple. If you focus on yourself, you won't think about him.

If you don't think about him, you won't feel the need to contact him. Simple, isn't it?

But the most important thing in this whole process is that you stay true to yourself and your promises.

You can't change your mind just because he sent you a few heartwarming words.


No matter what he does, please don't change your mind, because you will see later why it was a good decision.

2. Do things that make you happy

Maybe you were too fixated on him and completely neglected yourself and your own desires.

But now it's time to finally think about you and your happiness. Find a new hobby. Sign up for a language or dance class.

Talk to other people, learn from them, and let them keep you company.

All of these can actually put you off to report to him and continue living in the same torment.

If you just give yourself a second chance to be happy, trust me that life will smile at you and that everything will finally be better than you think.

3. Go outside

Even if you feel like this can't work, it really helps in those situations.

If you outside, you have a better chance of meeting new people and having fun. to have.

Besides, you won't think about him anymore and you'll feel a lot better.

You won't feel like your whole world is collapsing, and you'll realize that just because one man was bad doesn't automatically mean everyone else is just as bad.

< p>You will learn to enjoy your life alone and when you are finally alone you will not even feel the need to contact your ex anymore because you will be much better off without him.

4. Unfollow him on social networks

The problem is that if you have any kind of contact with him or if you see what he's up to now that he's single again, it's going to be harder for you to get over him.

He's in your past now and should stay there. So unfollow him on social media and don't think about what he's doing now that he's single again.

I know it will be hard at first because you want to know if he has someone new or what photos he is posting on his profile, but if you stay true to yourself it will pay off later.

5. Cut off all contact with their friends

In maintaining no contact, it's important to cut off all contact with your friends as well.

If you're talking to them , they will say nice things about him in the hope that you will then get back together with him.

Don't do this or you may regret it later. If you've already decided to leave him, that means you had a good reason for it.

Going back to him would mean giving him another bullet, with who can kill you for missing the first time.

6. Enjoy your life to the fullest

When you end a relationship, you will have a lot of mixed feelings.

First you become sad then you'll smile again, and then you'll be so mad at yourself for dating an idiot for so long.

But despite this whole mess, there's one thing that can help you feel better: live your life the way you always wanted to but never had the courage.

This time you'll just listen to your heart and mind ;ren, and you will finally come first. Because that's the most important thing.

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