6 ways to make him regret not treating you right

6 ways to make him regret not treating you right

If you've had or are in a breakup If you're in a relationship and wondering how your husband can be sorry for not treating you right, you've come to the right place.

The thing about guys is that most of the time they don't realize they've done something wrong.

They think if you don't freak out right away, everything must be fine. Guys don't understand that women react differently to abuse.

Women have developed a tremendous resistance to pain and as a result they can give birth and go through tremendous pain without saying a word.

< p>So when he hurts you, you just ignore the feeling and pretend you're not hurt for a while until it does.

He moves on with his life believing that he hasn't done anything wrong and instead of regretting it he does the opposite.

When something like this happens you have every right to make him regret it, you not being treated the way you deserve, and here are 6 ways you can do that.

1. Don't call or text him

I know you need to tell him everything and make him suffer, but that's the worst thing you could do.

The golden rule is don't call him and not to text him.

If you text him or, worse, call him, he'll think everything's the same as before and you're still that stupid woman that asks for an apology.

Don't do this. You have to let him know that he hurt you, but that you're not mad at him – You are disappointed.

When you yell on the phone, there is only one counter effect, and you don't want to confuse him or make him think you're desperate. You're not.

You know exactly what happened and you have the right to be disappointed.

Screaming just means you're mad at him but if you ignore him, he will soon regret what he did to you.

2. Ignore him when he's around

If the two of you live together, no matter what he says or does, ignore him until he apologizes for his behavior.

Just get on with what you're doing and pretend he doesn't exist. Men are really sensitive at times like this.

They can't take it that they are no longer wanted. And then he starts rewinding scenes in his head to find the reason for ignoring and to apologize for it.

The same applies if you two just broke up.

3. Answer YES or NO

If you ask a man what the worst thing a woman can do is he will say if you just answer “yes” or "No" replies.

If you keep talking with your normal sentence structure, he'll think you're pissed off for some unknown reason and will somehow magically change your behavior.

However, if you answered "Yes" or "No" answer, he'll know what's going on.

He'll know right away that he's the one who screwed up and he'll be instantly sorry for whatever he did to you.


4. Show him you don't need him

Of course you don't need him. But men don't understand that. They live to feel needed by someone because they think they are superior to you.

If you show your vulnerability and ask him to apologize or come back to you, he won't because it's not challenging.

But if you show him that you don't need him and are perfectly fine without him, he will immediately realize that he did something wrong.

He will be suspicious because suddenly you don't need or want him anymore.

This will hurt his ego and he will feel bad for failing as a man, which will force him to regret all his past deeds. And always remember: You show men how to treat you. 

5. fun and look good

There is nothing quite as appealing as a woman who knows how to have fun. and is enjoying life.

If he sees that you look great and have funß without him, this will drive him crazy. It will drive him crazy because men are jealous when a woman knows how to have fun without her. has.

They believe that they must be the center of their universe.

If you are having fun, and ignore him at the same time, he'll realize he must have done something terribly wrong for you to behave this way.

6. Get rid of the things he gave you

After a breakup, it's best to get rid of everything he's ever given you, as it will make you feel better and at the same time he will feel bad.

You can pack up all his things and leave them in front of the door or send them by post.

If he gets the package opens, he will remember all the past moments when the two of you were together and it will stab him straight to the heart.

He will be deeply sorry for not being there for you to be and as a man to have failed to treat you the way you deserved.

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