6 things you should do if he stalls you

6 things to do if he's stalling you

When you love someone, you never think about whether that person is stalling you.

When you have a problem, you believe that every couple has been through it and that it will pass.

But there are problems that you cannot ignore and the quicker you accept them have arisen, the easier it will be for you.

One of those problems is when someone who is your whole world stalls you.

When that happens , you stop believing in love and lose hope that anyone will love you the way you deserve.

But the time has come to take action instead of feeling sorry for yourself .

Come on! You won't allow a man to treat you like shit and get away with a black eye.

Maybe some of the following things can help you get back on your feet and get back to love believe.

1. Cut off all contact with him

If something unpleasant has happened, the first thing to do is cut off all possible contact with him.

< p>That means not chatting or texting him, not answering the phone when he calls and not talking to him if you meet him in person.

You should stay away from him keep away as much as possible because getting close to him will only make it worse.

If you raise your hand when he calls or responds to his texts, he will start to think he is you can win again and will try to do so.

As soon as you break off contact with him, he will realize that you are not an easy prey, as he may have thought.

Believe me, your indifference towards him will shake him to the core, so be smart and don't be there for him.

2. Don't blame yourself

The worst thing that could happen is to blame yourself and forgive him for everything he did to you.< /p>

Shiß on it! He’s to blame and he should tail and get out of your life.

And you should move on with your life as if it never existed.

Do you know why? Because a fool like him isn't worth a tear.

He was never worth you, but love blinded you and you couldn't see his true colors.

But now you know who he is so you should avoid him.

Don't think it was your fault.

If you show him that you regret letting him go, he will take every opportunity and keep trying to sneak into your life.

Be confident and know exactly what you want.

This is the only way to achieve everything you want.

3. Don't change

Just because a man wasn't good for you doesn't mean someone else won't be your perfect partner.

So whatever you do, don't change. If you're playful and easy-going, be true to yourself.

Don't shrink yourself to make the man in your life seem bigger.

You don't have to set yourself on fire just to bring light into someone's life.

After something like this happens to you, instead come out of this crisis stronger than ever.

Show him that you can find a man who is much better and that his mind games did not destroy you, only gave you strength.

4. Find someone else

I'm not saying that as soon as you break up with your boyfriend you should sleep with someone new.

But as soon as you When you feel ready, open your heart to someone new.

Just be smarter and more curious this time.

Give yourself more time to get to know him and don't let him know that you are always at his disposal.

Show him that he needs to go one step further to conquer you since you are a high quality woman.

If you have enough respect for yourself, he will respect you too.


Be with someone you're comfortable with and don't do anything you don't like just to make them feel better.

That's the only way to become true Find happiness and be the best version of yourself in a relationship.

5. Go ahead

Something smart to do after you find out he's been stalling you the whole time is just move on.

Okay, it didn't work out for him. So what?

Is he the only man in the world?

Of course not, so why should you get upset about little things?

You should go after move on in a toxic relationship and save yourself the time.

I know it will be difficult at first as you will be thinking about him a lot.

But, after some time it will all fall into place like a missing piece of a puzzle.

You will regret not leaving him sooner because you are so comfortable and strong in your own skin now feel like he is no longer a part of your life.

Good things are never too late, right?

So start a new chapter in your life up, but this time with someone really worth it.

6. Just forget him

I know it won't be easy to forget him after the breakup, but you will eventually.

The most important thing is not to talk about him with your friends and family.

If you don't talk about him, you will forget him step by step.

In relationships it takes a little longer because certain feelings are involved , but as long as you follow the no-contact rule, you will be fine.

Even though you believe he will always be on your mind, God will send someone to give you all of your attention and you won't think about your ex at all.

We all get what we deserve, but good things don't happen overnight.

You'll get up the right person will have to wait a little longer.

But in the end, the one who loves you more than himself will take you in his arms in the morning to tell you n he's damn lucky to have you.

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