6 things to expect in a relationship with someone who thinks too much

6 things to expect in a relationship with someone who thinks too much

You won't see it right away. She doesn't want to talk about it and mention her condition just because she wants to talk about something. She is someone who thinks too much.

She will suffer in silence and struggle with millions of questions and scenarios in her head, but from the outside she looks normal.

Her exterior is calm and relaxed. She tells jokes and laughs at yours too.

But her mind goes into overdrive under it all. And you'll never know unless you really look.

When you try to kiss her, neither her lips nor her hands tremble.

If you call her just because you miss her, her voice won't match her insides.

She will not appear frightened and confused.

But it doesn't mean her insecurities and overthinking aren't there.

They are in your relationship all the time, but she hides it so well. Although there are times when she loses control of it.

There are times when something happens and her fear takes over. If you are not careful you will not see it because it is so small and insignificant to you.

But if you look back and remember that she seemed a little distracted and if you know what's bothering her, then everything will be clear.

You'll see all the ”little ones&rdquo ; Seeing things that only look small from your perspective and they will have a whole different meaning.

They won't be so small anymore. They will be huge.

She will ask you millions of questions. She will ask for approval and reassurance.

She'll worry about what you call irrelevant, but it means everything to her.

You don't see the world with the same eyes she does.

She won't sleep, because her conscience won't let her.

Because she has some unfinished business, something she hasn't gotten an answer to, something she hasn't figured out yet.

It will eat her alive and you will sleep right next to her without a care in the world.

You won't have these problems. You are not one to think too much. You sleep well.

She will change. She loses the person she is because her fear barges in like an uninvited guest—the one no one likes but can't make go away.

She lives with fear and she can't make it go away . She has it and she has to fight it. Sometimes white she doesn't even know she's there.

Sometimes she is calm and collected, but other times fear defines her. She takes control of her life and every decision.

She sees it, but it's not her fault. She knows it's ruining her happiness and life, but she can't drive it away.

So if you want to be with her, you have to know that it won't be easy will. If you're not ready, don't waste her time.

It's not like all the women you've been with in the past. Nothing will be easy or simple.

Your normal behavior will not suffice. If you care about her, you must try to understand her and reassure her when fear overcomes her.

But she will repay you. She will love you like no other girl. She will pay you back for everything you do for her.

She will give you even more. She will protect and protect you and her love for you will never die.

There are so many things you need to change when you date a girl who thinks too much.

1. You have to know that it is more than their fear

It is not their symptoms. Her illness doesn't define her.

You need to act normal around her, but show a little more compassion. Try to understand them and be sensitive.

The smallest thing can throw her off track, something that means nothing to you but means a lot to her. Have a heart and approach her carefully in such situations.

2. You have to be patient with her

Fear comes unannounced. You can't predict it and you can't be prepared for it.

One moment she can be happy and laughing, but the next moment she's depressed. She is not crazy or spoiled.

She's not like a kid if you take her lollipop away. She can't choose how she feels.

No matter how hard she swims and wants to get to shore, she can't. She can swim for hours, but she's in the middle of the sea with no land in sight.

If you see her like this, give her some space. Don’t bother her with questions because she needs to sort her mind.

She needs to put all her thoughts in the right place and then she decides what to do next.

3. You can't expect her to get over it

You can't expect her to calm down just because you say so.

Getting short-tempered in such situations is the worst thing you can do because it will make her anxiety worse.

She sees that you can't take it, that it bothers you and that the feedback she gets from you makes her feel even worse.

It makes her think too much about why you are acting like this.

Every move you make wrong, she will ask hundreds of questions that will bother her. She will neither sleep nor eat. It will eat her up.

If she could control her anxiety attacks, she would. You know she has good days, so why not control the bad days when she could?

It's not that she likes to be afraid and overthink everything. It's not that she enjoys ruining both of your lives.

Never say ”get over it” to her. Never.

4. Tell her you will be there for her

When fear makes her a prisoner, she loses her sense of control. So don't get angry when she asks you questions after questions.

She feels like she's losing you. Your fear is the main culprit. It boggles her mind.

It makes her feel unwanted and ugly. It makes her feel less worthy.

So by answering her questions and satisfying her curiosity, you are reassuring her that you have no intention of going anywhere. For always being with you.

5. You have to listen to her

You always have to be there for her when she needs you. You have to let her talk, because in her overthinking moments, she needs to talk. She needs to get it out.

Don’t pretend to listen to her- really listen to her. Maybe she's telling you something really important.

Maybe she's unwittingly giving you a hint on how to deal with her, how you can help her.

Don't miss this opportunity escape.

6. Don't choke her


Never force her to do something she is not ready for. If you see her trying to deal with her demons, leave her alone. Give her some space. Don't make her let you in.

She'll talk when she's ready. If you insist on talking right away just because you're curious, you'll make her rethink things even more.

You'll only make her feel worse.


You have to be there for her, but don't force her to open her heart when she's not ready. It will only chase them away.

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