6 things that will make you realize you really don't want him back

6 Things That Will Make You Realize You Don't Actually Want Him Back

If your ex-boyfriend comes to mind what's been happening to you lately often happens you feel nostalgic.

You miss him and you are sure that he is the one you want to be with, despite everything that happened between the two of you.

Well, it's time to start questioning your own feelings when it comes to this guy.

There's a huge possibility that you just think you miss him and that you just convinced yourself you still have feelings for him.

There's a huge possibility that you don't really want your ex in your life, and here are 6 things to help you understand that for yourself.

1. You don't love him – you just made yourself used to him

The truth is, this guy is your comfort zone that you're afraid to leave, when that's exactly what you should be doing.< /p>

You've grown accustomed to him and this relationship represents something familiar to you, for all its negativity.

You just think you love this guy, but he's really just an old habit that's hard to change.

While you think you're longing for your ex, you're longing looking for that intimacy he gave you.

Deep down you don't want to get back in the dating market and you don't want to let anyone new into your life.< /p>

So the best option for you would be to go back to this guy.

After all, you know what to expect from him and you know how things would turn out this time.

Trust me – Going back to someone just because you got used to them and the sense of belonging they gave you is one of the worst things you can do to yourself.

2. He's still the same man he was

When you think about going back to your boyfriend, you hope things will be different this time.

You hope he will change.

But the truth is he doesn't.

Nothing has miraculously changed in your personalities or between you two can change just because you've spent some time apart.

Sure, it's likely that you'll have a honeymoon phase when you get back together, but things are will soon be as they were then.

After all, you guys broke up for a reason, right?

3. You don't miss him – you miss only having one boyfriend

If you've been in a long relationship, you've gotten used to having a romantic partner. And that's what you actually miss.

You miss that sense of belonging and partnership that you had when you were in a relationship.

This means that you are actually afraid of being single.

What you don't know is that this can be the time of your life if you just learn to accept them and yourself focus on making the most of it.

This can be a time when you focus on yourself and not your partner.

A time when you understand that you don’t need a man to be happy and that you’re a whole person on your own.

4. You only focus on the good memories

When we look back at something, we tend to focus on the good times and on the bad memories suppress them because we want to forget them.

And that's exactly what you do when it comes to your ex. You forget all the tears you cried for him and you only remember how he could make you smile.

You have forgotten all the times you fought and you only remember the happy moments.

You focus on the good memories you had together and those qualities of this man while completely ignoring his flaws.

Seeing your last relationship through rose-colored sunglasses makes it alluring.

She looks so much better than she actually was, and it's natural for you to want that idealized version of her back.

5. You are afraid of being lonely

It's natural to feel a little lonely and empty after breaking up with someone.

< p>But that doesn't mean you miss or love your ex.

It just means that this feeling is unfamiliar to you and scares you.

But what you don't know is that being single or alone doesn't mean you're lonely.

Remember – You are more than enough for yourself.

Also, I am sure that there are other people in your life who care a lot about you besides your ex and these are the people you should focus on focus to help you fill that void.

6. Your ego is hurt

There are times when you don't want someone back in your life because you really believe they don't deserve to be a part of it.

Sometimes you feel like your heart has been broken, but the only thing that's really hurt is your ego.

And there's nothing wrong with feeling that way.

It's very simple – You want to prove to yourself that you can always have that person that was once yours.

You want to prove to yourself that you still have an impact on this guy and that you always will are still important in his life.

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