6 things that count as cheating even though they're not physical

6 things that count as cheating even though they're not physical

We all know what cheating is about.

From the person being treated so disrespectfully makes us forget all the beautiful moments we ever shared with her.

There's just no chance we'll ever be able to trust her again.

In my opinion, cheating is a way of disrespecting yourself, me and our relationship, so that's not a good thing .

Nowadays, with all the new ways of communicating with people around us and getting closer to each other on social media, new ways of cheating have also emerged.

If you think about it, you'll realize that each and every one of these things actually counts as cheating even though it doesn't involve physical contact.

1. Deleting Messages

It's okay to want to clean up your phone, but if you've searched it and haven't found any messages, you should Worry.

Deleting the messages means he is hiding what he is doing from you and is not being completely honest with you.

Can you even trust such a person?

If he thinks that whatever he is hiding from you would upset you, then he is probably right.

2. A "too close" Have a girlfriend

No one in this world can tell you to give up your friends for your boyfriend/girlfriend, but when you're in a relationship, you should usually have a certain one Keep your distance from people who may have feelings for you.

If you find that he has a girlfriend who is too close, that he hugs her too often, that they both make a lot of inside jokes, or that he is simply excluding you, you should realize that this is a form of cheating.< /p>

3. Using dating apps

The reason people create a profile on dating apps is to find a boyfriend – someone they will have a relationship with or at least spend the night with.

So why would anyone keep their Tinder account if they aren't looking for something like this?

Shouldn't you have deleted all those accounts once you started a relationship?

< p>Therefore, if you find out from someone that your partner is using the dating apps, you have every right to confront them!

4. have eyes for others

Regardless of whether he does it in front of you, or you've been informed that your partner has eyes for someone else and/or has been flirting with them, that counts as cheating.

Don't allow anyone to fool you and tell you their flirting is harmless.

If he really wants to be with you, he will only have eyes for you.

5. Keeping in Touch with Ex-Girlfriend

It's very difficult to stay friends with an ex, especially when you've already met someone new.

The new person might feel insecure and make a problem out of it.

But meeting up with an ex, chatting a lot and sleeping with stuffed animals that are gifts from her – ; all of this is just disrespectful.

Did he tell you about the fact that they just meet up as friends, even though he knows you have a problem with that?

Whether they are intimate now or not, they have been intimate at some point and there is nothing stopping them from reliving the fantasy in their heads.

6. Sexting

It's nothing physical, but that's the closest you can get to cheating.

It's heartbreaking to see how your partner is sends their nude pictures to someone and/or chats with the person about possible sex scenarios.

It's just not natural to fantasize about sex with other women when you're in a relationship with someone who you say you love and are devoted to.

Ultimately, you should decide what counts as cheating for you.

If you're feeling insecure and If your partner is still talking to or about someone, then they are not entirely faithful to you.

Set boundaries that will determine what is and isn't acceptable to you, and talk about it with your partner.

It's about your mutual happiness in the long run.

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