6 things men want in a relationship (Written by a man)

6 Things Men Want in a Relationship (Written by a man)

I bet you all have more than your man needs in a relationship thinking, right?

You've probably been thinking about what to offer him and how to make him completely satisfied.

Well, you don't have to strain your pretty little heads anymore because I bring you the list of things every man wants in a relationship.

So if you want to please your man , read on!

1. They want normal and ordinary communication

It's true that men don't like to talk about their emotions, but the only reason for that is the fact that we don't know how to talk about them properly.

It's more something women would talk about because they have great ways of saying how they're feeling and not looking desperate

. Well, for us, that's not the case.

Once we wear our hearts on our sleeves, you can see how vulnerable we are.

The best way talking to a man is to be honest and direct.

If you ask him something, keep it short and explain why you are asking.

This way he will not be confused and you will get an honest answer.

2. They don't want to be changed

If they are to change, it will be because they want to, not because you want; it's that simple.

Just put yourself in their shoes and imagine your partner wanting to change you.

What would you think of that? ? Probably that he doesn’t love you the way you are and that he wants you to be completely different.

Now you know how men feel when you try to change them.

So whatever you do, don't change his lifestyle and habits because even if those things are imperfect, that's what makes him so perfect for you.

3. They want their space

This is one of the most sacred things for all humans. They respect their private time and space.

So if you think you can step into his life and turn his world upside down, you will be disappointed.

It's true that she likes all the cute things ;gen that comes with starting a relationship, but once you've established something stable, they'll also want to spend some time alone or with their friends.

But don't be too hard on them, because personal time and space are things that each individual deserves.

4. They don't want to feel guilty about their hobbies

Every man has a hobby that fills him up and helps him shake off the stress.

If you try to take that away from him, he will be extremely angry because he already did before you were a part of his life.

Whatever you do is an important aspect of his life and there is a good reason why he does it all the time.

5. You want to take it easy

The worst possible scenario would be when a woman he starts dating says she wants to marry him and have children with him. WHAT?

You need to hit the brakes and ease things up if you want to stay with your husband.

If you keep telling him you're moving in or him If you want to get married he will run away from you as much as possible.

And I don't blame him for not knowing you enough to fully commit.

6 . They want you to know that a relationship is give and take

For them, this is one of the most important things in a relationship. They want you to know that you need to work as hard as they do in order to function.

They want to feel that you are committed to them and that you have a stable and want to build healthy relationships with them.

If you show them that you love them, they will do the impossible to show it to you.

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