6 Sure Ways to Respond to His Mixed Signals

6 safe ways to respond to his mixed signals

When you're with someone who's indecisive, with someone who appears and disappears in your life as the weather & auml; changes, then you must be fed up.

Instead of wasting your time trying to decipher his mixed signals, there is something better you can do.

You can already have an answer ready for some of the most likely situations.

These are 6 surefire ways to respond to your mixed signals:

1. Don't rush things

You've been on a few dates and texted every day.  It was nice and you got used to it.

The bad thing is that he starts to withdraw and you're afraid that everything between you two will end before it even has a chance to start.

You want to text him and get an explanation for his behavior.

That's the last thing you should do though. It will only make you look desperate and he may withdraw even more.

So, answer his silence with silence. Ignore him to get his attention.

If he's really into you and just afraid of how things are going, he'll come to you as soon as he regains his senses.

If he doesn't, it's his loss and you will preserve your dignity.

There is no point in chasing someone who is not chasing you.

2. Stop worrying and start taking action

Instead of spending your days and nights repeating every possible scenario in your head, focus on yourself.

Keep busy. Find something that interests you.

Sign up for a class, take dance classes, letß a book, go jogging. Live your own life.

Isn't that better than staring at a blank screen trying to find the hidden meaning behind his behavior?

Learn your own priority to be and treat you with respect.

3. Don't act like you're in a relationship until it's official

You probably like him so much that he's all you can think about. You feel connected to him.

The chemistry between you two seems to be right, but you don't know how you feel about him.

Don't stop chatting with other guys, don't cancel dates, keep your other options open as long as he keeps his. Don't treat him like your friend until he's ready to be one.

4. Research his past

Thanks to social media, finding out things about the guy you like isn't that difficult.

Go through his Facebook – or Instagram account. Is there anything out there that can tell you a little bit more about him?

If you get a chance to talk to his friends, you can ask them in a discreet way.< /p>

Research his past and see if he's a guy who likes to get involved or if he prefers to play games.

Does he have a habit of disappearing when things get a little more serious?< /p>

Does he even talk about you? These questions are general, but you can find out a lot about him this way.

5. Don't put up with his behavior

Do not tolerate anyone who is unreliable. He'll text you all the time and then disappear for days.

He'll promise you the world one day and pretend he doesn't know you the next.

The more time and effort you give him, the more opportunities you give him to trample your feelings.

You don't need a man who will just think up new ways, you hurt.

If he does his shitß If he still hasn't made your relationship official after you've been dating for a while, don't waste time with him.

You get so much better without him be your turn.

6. Does ”the talk ch”

Sooner or later his mixed signals will drive you insane.

If you break that breaking point you won't hesitate to ask how you feel about him and if it's going anywhere.

Ask him direct questions that he can't excuse and give you a concrete answer . Ask him, “What are we?”, “Are we a couple?”, “Can we date other people?”

Or something like that.


If you don't get a specific answer, at least you'll know that you're not in a relationship and that you should let him go.

On the other hand, if he tells you that he is serious about you and that you are in a relationship, you can finally breathe again.

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