6 Signs He Won't Leave You

6 Signs he won't leave you

You've just been a stopover for too many people so far, and you're exhausted. That's okay.

You're allowed to be exhausted. But you mustn't make it difficult for him based on previous experiences.

Of course, you only know such behavior, but that's why you have to try harder.

You have to think about it how you treat him because you've encountered too many toxic people in your life.

It's not his fault. He deserves a real chance. He doesn't deserve the h*** you put him through.

Until now you should have realized that no matter how far you fall, he will always catch you.< /p>

You're wasting your time testing him because he plays for the good guys and he won't fail your test.

1. You can't scare him away

Your tantrums, indecisiveness and inexplicable mood swings won't push him away.

You know also why? because he knows you Because he understands.

He understands what you've been through and how difficult your past has been.

He knows you have a hard time trusting people because so many of them have taught you lessons where you've learned never to rely on anyone but yourself.

Stupid for her, because now you have someone to rely on. You can rely on him.

2. He accepts you as you are

He knows that you cannot be anyone but yourself and he accepts you as you are.

< p>You might just be a worse or better version of yourself, but either way, he's not going to push you away.

He'll slowly transform you into your best 'me'. lead, not because he wants to change you, but because he wants you to be the best of yourself.

He wants to bring out all your inner beauty without to want to make someone else out of you. You are everything he wants.

3. He doesn't care what other people think

And he's one of the rare ones. Because the voices of others don't cloud his judgement.

No matter how many bad things he may hear about you, he doesn't judge you.

You could think he was in the same dark position you are in now and he knows; that others don't understand.

But he understands you. He understands your actions and he always finds a way to see the bright side in everything.

4. He leaves no stone unturned

Everything for you. He knows you're worth it. He knows that he has to make you forget all the bad things so you can start over with him.

That's why he's always trying to create new happy memories and new experiences, that's why he rests not.

For you. For both of you.

5. He takes responsibility for you

He's not trying to heal you. He's trying to help you heal yourself.

Although he has a life with many other people in it besides you, you always seem to be his top priority. He knows you deserve nothing less than that.

6. He knows that you are the best

Even if you have a hard time believing you are.

You are the best for him and that's why he won't leave you. He knows that he couldn't find anyone better not because you're narcissistic and made him think so, but because he saw your true worth.

He saw how strong you are, and how you stood your ground even in vulnerable situations.

He knowsß it because he saw it for himself, not because you played it for him.

This is the guy worth hanging out with. Please, push Don't take him away.

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