6 flirting moves no man can resist

6 Flirt- Moves no man can resist

Flirting gives our life that extra zest we all need!

Because we all feel like some action sometimes, and what is there Better than flirting with someone?

Maybe it's about your co-worker or maybe you want to hit on that cute guy at the bar.

No matter who you're trying to seduce, it's important that you know what men really want.

So here is a list of flirting moves no guy can resist.

But before you start anything, get going Fired up, because that's how these things come across to men!

1. Eye Contact

You wouldn't believe what you can achieve just by looking deep into someone's eyes.

And if you're a woman, you can do even more.

If you make intense eye contact with a man, he won't be able to resist you.

He'll be in lose the depth of your eyes and before he knows it, he'll lose his head too.

Looks often say a lot more than words, so girls, be careful who you stare at longer than usual .

Some guys might interpret this as some kind of invitation!

2. Body contact

This is another excellent way to seduce a man without acting like a whore.

So, approach the man slowly that you like and touch them subtly.

For example, if you're co-workers, lean over their desk to get the pen you need and touch him like you didn’t want it.

This will drive him crazy and you can pretend you don't know what happened.

He won't be able to resist this and it's only a matter of time when he's going to ask you out!

3. Seductive Smile

This smile is quite powerful, so you better be careful who you smile at like that.

With a smile like that you can get any man you want because the combination of that smile and intense eye contact is simply unbeatable!

Men just can't keep their cool when a beautiful woman smiles at her and provokes her with a bite on her lower lip.

If you do that, he will already know what's on your mind and it won't be long before until he comes up to you and starts talking to you.

Now do you get the effect of a woman's smile? I thought so!

4. Playing with hair

Men just get really weak when women play with their hair.

So if you want him to fall head over heels in love with you, grab a strand of hair ;hne and wrap it around your finger.

Also make sure you smile at him while you look at him.

Believe me, that's a fatal combination, that makes every man go weak in the knees.

Women's hair has been a symbol of seduction for centuries, and that's why all men find it so attractive.

So, play with it, but make sure you play by the rules !

5. Smell good

If you smell good, your work is already half done. Men just can't resist women who smell seductive.

They become obsessed with their scent and they can't stop thinking about them.


That's why you always need to smell nice and behave well.

Don't be like someone who is desperate and desperate for a man. Be irresistible, but also hard to get – this is how every man will fall in love with you.

No man will be able to resist such a woman, and in no time he will start his tricks to seduce you step by step.


6. Compliments

Yup! Men also appreciate compliments. They are not only reserved for women.

So if you want to seduce a man, you can pay him a sweet compliment.

But be careful not to Don't overdo it and don't shower him with compliments, because he will run away from you as soon as possible.

Men don't like it when you choke them, and if you do something like that, you'll just ruin everything.

Be gentle, discreet and smart. And of course don't forget to look good!

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