6 Behaviors of an Emotionally Abusive Partner Who Has Double Standards

6 Behaviors of an Emotionally Abusive Partner Who Has Double Standards

Violence is most often associated with its physical effects as wounds are easily noticed and therefore undeniable .

Abuse in a relationship can mean much more than what is visible to the naked eye.

All forms of abuse are despicable, unacceptable behavior in a relationship and anyone affected can hopefully find a way out of this situation, alive and well, with the help of friends and family.

Being with an emotionally abusive and psychologically violent partner is like enduring your own agony in silence.

It's one of the most lonely and heartbreaking feelings there is .

You can't see this kind of violence and explain what you're going through without some “proof” having it is absolute hell.

You get humiliated, you feel small and worthless every day and you don't tell anyone.

The feeling of loneliness and the inability of people to understand your pain characterizes your everyday life.

You fall in love with a person so much that you decide to leave. Don't turn a blind eye to their vicious behavior towards you.

It always starts small and you don't really want to say anything about it.

It will worse and more painful over time, yet you still endure your torment in silence.

Emotionally abusive partners are masters at their craft.

They will push themselves to the limit to make you feel like shit and will often pretend that their abuse is somehow your fault .

They will portray themselves as victims in order to manipulate you, play mind games with you and mess you up.

They will pretend their hands are not dirty and you will have to take the blame on your shoulders.

In most cases they succeed as they have a double standard.

If you feel that your partner is emotionally abusive, then you should speak up.

Don't allow them to treat you like dirt. Enough is enough!

Here are the most common double standards that apply to victims of domestic violence.

If you recognize yourself in any of these points, I advise you to find a nonviolent way out and never look back.

1. He will criticize you like it's his job, but if you do the same, he won't be able to take it

He has no problem with it, criticizing you for small things.

Everything you do will be scrutinized and if he's having a bad day, he'll go out of his way to make you understand that you're just awkward ;hig are.

But if he really does something bad and you try to talk to him like an adult, he'll throw a tantrum and deal with it very badly.

You fear for your life sometimes and that's why it's for make it easier for you not to criticize him at all instead of putting yourself at risk of being yelled at by him.

2. He needs to know where you are at all times, but doesn't say where he is or when he'll be back

He requires you to check in with him regularly, no matter where you are.

If you don't tell him where you are, he'll make a fuss about it.


However, if you ask him politely where he is and when he will be back, he acts as if you have no right to know such things.

He'll go off and do his thing with whoever he wants for as long as he wants and leave you wondering about it.

3. He doesn't care how you feel, but he expects you to put his needs and feelings first

Feel; He's okay with treating you like crap. Saying something hurtful to you is okay too.

But if you don't take his emotions into account at all and you don't do his bidding, then all hell will break loose.

You have to be careful and always pay attention to how he feels on any given day and act accordingly.

If you're just trying to explain to him that you had a crappy day too, you will he just never listens to the end.

4. He always demands and expects sex when he feels like it, but when you're in the right mood he completely ignores you

He only wants sex when he feels like it. You always have to be available to him, otherwise there's something.

But if you want the same thing, he won't pay any attention to you.

Love is only expressed physically when he feels like it.

But if you After that, it is highly unlikely that he will respect your wish.

5. He's always in charge and ignores your suggestions

He's wearing the pants and he'll make sure you know it.

He makes all decisions, regardless of whether they are big; or small and you cannot be involved in any of them.

But if you are trying to contribute or just have an idea; proposing, he humiliates you like it's none of your business.

He expects you to just let the man do his thing, to be obedient and supportive available if he needs anything from you.

6. Whenever he abuses you, he blames you for everything and if you mess up, you are the only one to blame

He will blame you for his own actions shout at. He'll treat you like dirt and he'll always blame you.

It's always your fault that he treats you so badly.

You made him treat you like this to treat. Your bad mood annoyed him and he had no choice but to take his anger out on you.

Basically you have to walk on eggshells knowing he blames you ;r will somehow give in to his actions.

As long as you let him get away with it, he will emotionally abuse you.

It's important that you slowly distance yourself from him and um Ask for help if you need it.

Don't show tolerance for the intolerant!

This pattern of behavior is toxic and hurtful and nobody deserves it.

You should break up with him before it gets too toxic and too late. You deserve better!

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