5 Worrying Signs Your Ex Is A Real Psychopath

5 Worrying Signs Your Ex Is A True Psychopath

He was a psychopath. A completely deranged person.

This is the phrase I use to describe my ex. He was a true example of a classic abuser.

No, I didn't have any bruises on my body. He didn't hit me, but emotional scars were carved deep into my heart.

It will be months before they stop itching. It will be years before they go away.

He knew his words hurt like hell. He knew he could destroy me with one simple leap.

He only had to hit me hard where it hurts the most. And he did. Every. individuals. Day.

These terrible years of my life are finally over. I escaped his psychopathic clutches.

It's like waking up from a horrible dream.

A sudden realization hit me like a train – He is a real example of a psychopath.

I knew I had to get away from him as soon as I could. I knew I had to be smart.

I couldn't let him manipulate me into staying with him again. Not this time.

Psychopaths are very intelligent and their behavior is not immediately obvious as emotional abuse.

It may be months or even years before you fully realize that he is making your life hell.

Your depression, your anxiety, your lack of will to live life, that you once enjoyed … he is all that.

It's all because of him. I saw that. I experienced it and I saved myself by acting quickly and wisely.

But what happens if you break up too soon, before he shows his true self, or if he gets sick of you and breaks up?

You might think that his desperate demeanor, stalking, and bad-mouthing is just an attempt to get you back, but it's much more serious.

It's a revelation of who he really is. It's damn good proof why your decision to break up with this psychopath was the best you could have ever made.

After reading these signs, the only sentence you will use to describe your ex will be exactly the same as mine – He was a psychopath. A completely deranged person.

1. He changed too fast

Every relationship has a honeymoon phase at the beginning. You only show your best sides because you want to keep each other.

You enjoy the new relationship and you don't want it to end.

So you're going to put up with some things that you normally wouldn't put up with just because you just started the relationship.

This is where most of us screw it up. Instead of being silent, you have to confront your partner.

The conflict will make him show his true colors and intentions.

He is kind and compassionate at the beginning, just to train you in obedience.

Then he suddenly changes his behavior and becomes impossible to be around and the honeymoon period is officially over.

2. He loves everything you love

One of the most important psychopathic steps is that he tries to convince you that he likes the same things as you do.

Basically, he wants you to believe that you were meant to be together.

If you open up to him and share childhood traumas, he will say he had a difficult childhood too.

If you say you love a certain type of music, he will say, that he loves her too.

This is called mirroring. He imitates everything you love or do, everything that has happened to you, both good and bad.

In the beginning of the relationship, he imitates you so that you like him.

< p>In the middle he tries to convince you that you are exactly the same, and in the end he sees you as the complete opposite of the beginning.

If he used to say you were smart, now he says you are stupid.

3. You used to mean everything to him; now you mean nothing to him

You were his reason for life, the star of his eyes. Then one morning you woke up and everything turned out to be nothing for him.

He changed his mind about you. He has distanced himself and lost interest in you.

And that made you think you did something wrong.

But the thing is, it's all a tactic to get you down, to destroy your confidence.< /p>

He wants you to doubt yourself and what you could possibly have done to drive him away.

He wants that you are insecure and only listen to him. He wants you to obey.

He made you think that you two have an unbreakable bond. He made you feel like you found the man of your dreams.

But after he does that, he gets bored, he's fed up with you. You are no longer attractive to him because he got what he wanted.

So he leaves feeling nothing, neither guilt nor remorse.

< p>These men cannot have compassion. They don't care about your emotions and the fact that you're broken and hurt.

4. He puts himself first

Psychopaths are hypersensitive, but only when it comes to them. They will feel neglected and attacked when someone criticizes them.

Then they go out and look for the best way to get revenge and you won't even know that they are injured or what the hell is going on.

They only think of themselves and cannot feel compassion for other people. Other people's feelings are completely irrelevant to them.

5. He's blocking your future happiness

He doesn't want you to move on. It's like he has a sixth sense when it comes to your happiness.

Every time something nice happens to you, he's there. He shows up and tries to tear down everything you've built after him.

He pretends to want a warm relationship.

He wants you guys to stay friends, but the only reason he's back in your life is to make sure you don't move on.

Suddenly he wants that you try again. This isn't a sincere request, though.

This is just another bit of his thick script trying to lure you back into his life of terror.

It's just another attempt to keep you as his toxic source.

If you can't get rid of him and he keeps coming heralded into your life, you need to do some serious things.

If you want to get on with your life, you must have no contact with him. Never hear from him again.

Cut all contact you have with him and erase him from your memory once and for all.

Only then do you have the chance to move on with your life. A better life, a happier life.

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