5 Undeniable Signs He's Cheating On You Emotionally

5 undeniable signs he is emotionally cheating on you

Emotional cheating is disastrously painful. Probably most of us would have preferred it if our partner had cheated on us physically – i.e. through sex.

A physical affair is much easier to forgive than an emotional one because we can take comfort in the fact that it was a one-time thing.

Infidelities are much more forgiving when it's all about physical contact.

Perhaps you're thinking of someone you just met.

Maybe you think of that someone as just a friend, but secretly you may wish for something more to come of it.

Maybe you've never slept with, hugged, or kissed that person; sst, but you can't stop thinking about him or her.

This is emotional cheating.

It's a much more serious issue because emotions are involved. When you cheat on someone emotionally, you break their trust – and that's not so easy to win back.

Emotional cheating doesn't have to be intentional.

Often we are not even aware that we might cheat someone. The feelings appear suddenly.

On the other hand, if our heart has a mind of its own, it's not our fault. Sometimes that's just how it happens.

Every time we think about or fantasize about someone else, we step on our partner's self-esteem because there's obviously something wrong with them, what we're looking for elsewhere.

If you think this is happening in your relationship too, just look at these signs that will put all your doubts to rest.

1. Suddenly he's hanging out on social media

Your partner has never been a social media freak, but lately he just doesn't stop to check his notifications or post new posts.

Maybe he just discovered his weakness for social media. Or maybe he's texting his new mysterious ”acquaintance”.

Who can know? However, if he suddenly shows an interest, you should definitely investigate.

Let's hope he's the ”model boy” who you think he is, not some idiot trying to break your heart.

2. You feel like you're chasing him all the time

You feel like you're chasing him all the time. Maybe he has distanced himself emotionally and doesn't care as much about your relationship.

If you're the only one struggling in your relationship, you should reconsider all of this.

There's a good chance he's cheating on you emotionally. You probably don't interest him as much as you used to because he has a new ”target” found.

3. He doesn’t spend as much time with you as he used to

You used to be together all the time, but now he somehow spends less and less time with you. His attention is no longer on you – she is somewhere else.

He may even cut you out of his life little by little.

Maybe he doesn’t want you to be present at some important events in his life , or he won't tell you at all what he has done or will do.

These are all signs of emotional betrayal, and if you notice them in your partner, you better brace yourself for a breakup or do something, but be smart.

4. He has a good friend to talk to

This good friend may be just a friend, but she can also be someone just waiting to take your place ;take over – and she will do anything to get it.

Your partner may really think that he can talk to her and maybe confide in her about your relationship problems to get her advice.

< p>Be careful because she could lure him into her trap and seduce him – believe me, even that is possible!

5. Your intuition tells you something is wrong

Sometimes our female intuition is just right. You feel like something is “not right”.

You don't need any proof at all that he is emotionally cheating on you. You just know it. But how do you know that? That's hard to explain.

Especially when you've been with someone for years, you know exactly how they react and what they're thinking. And if he's cheating on you emotionally, you'll know.

Pay attention to these signs, but don't follow them blindly. Maybe he isn't cheating on you after all. Maybe he has a problem and knows not how he's supposed to tell you.

Anyway, confront him and hear what he has to say before making any decisions.

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