5 things you'll miss the most about her once she's fed up

5 things you'll miss most about her once she's fed up

You had a girl who loved you loved more than herself. A girl who was willing to move mountains for you and a girl who always fought for you.

You had a unique one girl. An extraordinary and special girl who loved you with all her heart.

But you didn't see it. You didn't see all the pain you caused her.

You didn't see that she didn't get anything back from you and that you didn't even give her the love or recognition she deserved.

You didn't see the endless second chances she got gave you and the sacrifices she made for your relationship.

You didn't see how patiently she waited for you to change and that she stuck with you as long as she did could.

But in the end she gave up on you. Finally she saw her worth and she saw that you will never be the man she needs.

She saw that you will always be the same piece of shit and she's had enough of it.

So she left you, even though it broke her own heart. But she was strong enough to never look back.

The truth is that you pretended not to feel her presence the whole time. But I promise you one thing – you will feel their absence.

Because one day you will wake up and suddenly you will see what you have lost.

You will see that letting go of this special lady was the biggest mistake of your life.

And suddenly you will miss everything about this girl.

1. The way she ignored your flaws

She was the only woman who didn't see you through your bad sides, even though she knew them all.

The only person in this world who didn't love you despite your imperfections, but because of them.

She was the only one who never judged you and who always managed to justify yours Finding action when she was the one you mistreated.

The one who tried to heal you when everyone else gave up on you and the one who did their best to save you save even if you didn't want to be saved.

That was the girl who saw the good in you. She saw everything you could be and she wanted to believe that her love could change you.

But unfortunately it didn't come to that. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, you remained the same idiot you always were.

2. The way she always understood you

Whether you want to admit it or not, this girl was the only person in this world who really understood you.

Someone who could read your mind and the only one who understood all your emotions and thoughts.

The only one who had the power to motivate and get you going.

But not only that, this girl was also the person you could be yourself in front of.

The one you could show your weaknesses to without fear of being ridiculed or taken advantage of become.

You never had to pretend to be that tough guy when you were with her because you knew she would understand all your fears and insecurities.

3. The way she prioritized you

Remember how that girl always put you first while you treated her like a second choice? How she took care of you and your needs?

Remember how she was never selfish and always considered your well-being to be the most important thing in the world?


How she wanted you to be happy and how she was willing to do anything just to see you smile?

Remember all the sacrifices she made for you brought and all the effort she put into this relationship?

Yes, I'm sure these are the things that you will never forget, even if you try your best. But that's all the things that disappeared, along with that woman.

4. The way she was always there for you

Every time you feel like you're all alone in this world, you'll think about dialing this woman – I can promise you that.

You think how nice it would be if she could hold your hand just to tell you that everything will be fine.

You will want someone you can rely on and someone who would never leave you like she hasn't.

And then you will understand that this girl was the only person in this world who never turned away from you.

The only one who was there for you in the darkest hours and the The only one who never left you, even when you were at your lowest.

You'll remember all the times she picked up your broken pieces, all the times she picked you up pulled up from the bottom and all the times she was the only light in your darkness.

And then you will realize that you will never find anyone like her because she is truly one of a kind.

5. The way she loved you like no other

There are many things you will miss about this girl, but most of all you will miss how she loved you unconditionally, without blaming it. r.

And what have you done with all that love? You took her for granted instead of appreciating her.

The truth is, you never saw the value of this woman's love for you until you lost her forever .

You thought that every woman will treat you like she did and that you can find another woman around every corner.

And you were wrong. You'll understand when you start looking for her in every woman you meet and when you start to feel all the pain she's been feeling for years.

< p>But then it will be too late to do anything.

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