5 things you should NEVER do when your ex texts you

5 things you should NEVER do when your ex texts you

Ex-boyfriends are ex-boyfriends for a reason. But that doesn't mean they feel the same way.

Sometimes when a guy breaks up with a girl, he realizes that she was great and that he wants her back.


In this state, he is willing to do anything to win her back.

And when I say everything, I mean it.

But I hope just for being smart enough not to come back to him for a dozen red roses or a love quote he found on the web.

Remember that you must put yourself first and never let him take advantage of you again.

Well, here are some things you should never do if you want to save yourself tears.

1. If he texts you, don't text back right away

-You know, if you text him back right away, he'll think he's still an important person in your life Life is.

Okay, maybe he is, but he doesn't need to know that. Make him sweat a little.

Go to social media and post things so he can see you're online but don't reply to his texts.

This will let him know he's not that important to you, like he thought and he'll want you even more.

Who knows, if he acts like a grown man and not an idiot, maybe he can be given a second chance.


2. Don't ask him questions right away

If you ask him questions, he'll think you're interested in his life.

Let him be the one to ask questions.

You have to answer with a quick “yes” or "No" answer.

This will drive him crazy and he will feel sorry for doing all those bad things to you.

Now he deserves silence and that's the only behavior he gets from you.

And if he texts you after midnight, you'll know exactly what he's up to.

He just thinks you are a bed story for him and he only gets in touch because he has nothing to lose. What an idiot, right?

3. Don't forget the reason you broke up with him

Did he cheat on you? Has he neglected you? Did he abuse you?

All of these could be reasons why you initially broke up with him.

So once he texts don't forget why you left him.

I bet you'll change your mind and just ignore your phone.

Once you choose him, you'll finally be happy.

And by not texting him back, you're on the right track to achieving that.

4. Don't take his words personally

I know he was once an important person in your life, but he has no right to hurt you. Actually, he never had.

So whatever you do, don't take his words personally.

Don't believe him when he says he has a new girlfriend who's better in bed than you.

< p>Don't believe him that he's over you and that he's living a perfect life.

Why do you think he texted you at all?

If he's happy, he'd never text you back.

That's a sign he's just simulating and that he realized how great you are.

5. Don't even think about going back to him

Whatever he says, no matter how he tries to trick you, never go back to him.

By going back to him, you're just giving him another bullet to kill you for not hitting you the first time.

Respect yourself enough, to tell him to retire and find the happiness in your life that you so much deserve.

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