5 things you can do when you're in a “fuckbuddy relationship”.

5 things you can do when you're in a "fuckbuddy relationship"

Read this without passing judgment!

Most women will roll their eyes at the slightest mention of a Friends with Benefits, aka FWB, relationship.

According to the majority of women, having a FWB relationship is key for’ There are no advantages for women, only for men.

Women avoid them because they feel they are being taken advantage of in such a relationship which usually only involves sex.

Well the big shock here is that just like girls ;Men, not all women actually want a real relationship.

FWB relationships aren't just a man thing.

Surprised? I don't think so.

Let's move on in the spirit of this knowledge.

Both male and female, not all people out there want the same thing .

Not everyone wants a lasting fairy tale relationship.

Some want to be in a submissive relationship, some crave a fuck buddy.

The point is, it should be your choice be. After all, it's her life and each of us should do whatever makes us happy.

So, if there is someone in your life who is constantly telling you what to do and how to live and tells you that being in an FWB relationship is good or bad, then you have a very zealous soul. true friend.

Nevertheless, don't limit yourself by only looking at relationships the old-fashioned way, the 'right way'.

If that's nothing for now is for you, then you should listen to your gut feeling and do whatever you want. It's about being happy.

So if you feel like you want to be more than just a fuck buddy for him, that you want to express your opinion about ”free sex” changed, if you think you've developed feelings for him, here's what you should do:

1. You can leave anytime

No one is forcing you to be in an FWB relationship.

At any point in time you know where the door is is, and you can always go.

It's your choice to be with him at all and when you start thinking about it and wishing you were in a real relationship with him, think about what he thinks about it will think before you do anything.

If you think that's not a good idea then it's better to leave him than stay his fuckbuddy while you do more for feeling it is torture and it can't end well.

2. Slowly break away from him

Start distancing yourself. Spend less and less time with him.

This can be a clue to him that you're tired of it.

He'll understand, so he'll probably play along and stop calling you.

You You don't want to come across as desperate and begging for his attention when your relationship was defined as not serious from the start.

Don't try to talk to him about your feelings if he who didn't do it first.

If he was interested in you, he would have tried to keep you around when he saw you distance yourself.

But if he didn't do anything and let you go, you can you can be sure that you were just an affair for him.

3. Don't make it a one-way relationship

In this way you will turn the relationship into a two-way street.

He has no deeper feelings for you, and if you do have some for him, it may not end well for you.

The more you try and the more you rejected, the more it will hurt you.

Your fear will increase and you will become vulnerable.

You will not be able to take control ü about your actions and behavior, and you will probably do something you will regret later.

4. Provoke a Reaction

Just as you can create fear in yourself, you can create a reaction in him.

Get him to care more about you.

Let him try to win you like a prize, to seduce you.

Once he's taken the bait and decides to do it, you can just direct him in whichever direction you want.

You can provoke him to react. If he has even the slightest romantic feelings for you, he will react and try to win you over.

If he likes you, he won't risk losing you.

5. Love yourself

Think of yourself, be selfish. Be the creator of your own happiness.

You don't need a man to be happy, you know that.

If the relationship isn't in the of is in the direction you want, don't conform.

Do your own thing and go.

Like I said before, a man shouldn't dictate your happiness define.

Besides, when a man sees that you are a dominant and independent woman who is happy all alone, he will want you even more.

He knows; that when he gets with you, he won't be responsible for making you happy.

He won't have to be the one running in circles around you or on Eggshell goes to make sure he doesn't say anything that might hurt you.

For any man, the fact that you love yourself enough to take care of yourself is incredibly sexy and attractive.

If you look closely, it's a win-win situation.

You love and respect yourself when you leave a relationship that doesn't suit you , and all the men out there will find you incredibly attractive if you do that.

Do what makes you happy. Stay or go. It's up to you.

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