5 things that changed about her after an emotionally abusive relationship

5 things she changed after an emotionally abusive relationship

Leaving an abusive relationship is one for every victim of the most difficult tasks.

It's a big step that requires a lot of courage and strength.

Unfortunately, the problems usually don't stop with the separation from the abusive partner.

The truth is that such a toxic relationship often leaves scars on the person who was abused.

And that's exactly what happened to this woman – her emotionally abusive relationship has changed her more than she ever imagined.

1. She Has Trust Issues

Any woman who has experienced any form of abuse, including emotional, will inevitably experience severe trust issues when she finally breaks free from the abusive relationship .

However, this is perfectly normal – the person she loved the most and the person she could trust with her life made her life miserable.

So what exactly can she expect from others?


This man swore his love to her, she thought he was the man she was going to spend the rest of her life with and he ended up betraying her like that.

Of course now she thinks everyone else is just like him.

She firmly believes that every man she meets is only out to hurt her and break her heart again.

But it's not just about the men she meets – she feels the same about almost everyone in her life.

After everything this woman has been through, she believes that there is not a single person in this world she can rely on.< /p>

The worst part is that she doesn't believe herself anymore. She once made a wrong decision which means her judgment was lost.

This woman doesn't believe her own intuition or gut feeling and doubts every decision she makes because she thinks it's the wrong one.

2. Her idea of ​​love is distorted

After everything that has happened, this woman is not sure what true love is anymore.

Everything she believed in and what she believed to be true love turned out to be a mistake.

This woman is sure that she would not recognize the right man even if he were right there in front of her.

She is afraid that she will continue with these unhealthy relationship patterns forever and that she will never be able to reprogram her brain to see love properly again.

3. She has become cautious

Like most abuse victims, this woman has become overly cautious about letting new people into her life.

She's been through hell and she knew she had a chance to protect her sensitive heart from further blows.

To do this she had to build thick walls around her heart and behave heartlessly towards everyone.

The only one The way to do that was to be careful and never show anyone your vulnerability again.

And that's exactly what she did – she has become a closed woman who does not want to open her heart to love.

A woman who has condemned herself to a life of solitude for fear of being hurt again.

4. She is not sure if she will ever find love again

Another thing that has changed about this woman is the fact that she has given up on love has.

Before this toxic man came into her life, she saw love as a fairy tale and she was adamant that her happy ending would come sooner or later.

< p>But after all the insults and humiliations she experienced, deep down she started to think that she is not meant for love.

After her tormentor gave her so many After years of persuading her that she was the unlovable one, she began to believe him.

This woman has given up belief in love and soulmates.

Instead, she has become sarcastic, convinced that she cannot find anyone who would treat her better than her ex.

5. But she is stronger now than ever

And despite all the bad things that their emotionally abusive relationship has brought about, there was also one good thing – ; she became stronger than ever.

She realized that there is nothing she cannot handle and that she will always survive no matter what life throws at her. sst.

This woman became her own hero.

She realized that she can do it on her own and that she is a whole person even without a man by her side .

And one thing is for sure – this relationship has made her a woman who will not settle for less.

A woman who knows exactly what she deserves and who loves herself more than anyone else in the world.

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