5 Texting Secrets That Will Drive Him Crazy About You

5 Texting Secrets That Will Make Him Freak Out About You

Texting Secrets That Will Blow His Socks Off – sounds like every woman's dream, doesn't it?

But you know what? That's not it! It's a reality and you'll be really glad you read this.

No one can do without texting these days.

Since the With the modernization of technology, people of all ages are caught in the middle of this texting frenzy, and like it or not, it's become as normal to us as breathing.

Let's all be honest.

As nice as it may have been in the olden days, when this kind of communication was pure fiction, none of us can really imagine our life without texting literally every random person on this earth instantly can.

It's a privilege in itself, and it makes our lives so much easier.

And when it comes to dating, texting comes in handy our salvation.

You were on a date with a guy and you don't want it to end – so what do you do when you get home?

You text him and it probably goes on like this for an hour or two.

And if you didn’t have that opportunity, you’d be rewinding the evening in your head, totally paranoid, afraid that maybe he didn’t like it quite as much as you did, which you can’t really know ;could, and the whole thing would be a nightmare for you…

But texting allows for instant reassurance and an indescribable sigh of relief when the guy Text you right away that he had a great time too and can't wait to see you again.

But if you really want to blow his mind, there are a few little texting secrets who can make things so much easier.

We women tend to overdo it a bit when we really have a crush on a guy, so that we come off as a bit pushy while trying to be casual.

These texting secrets are really simple and nothing you can't figure out.

The only thing that matters here is that you don't get too lost in your daydreams about him, and that you appear cool, easy-going and fun; what you really are!

Instead of spending hours figuring out what to say and dwelling on every little detail (and driving yourself insane in the process), you can use a few little tricks to make him crazy about you.

When writing, try to be as clear and concise as possible in a fun and easy-going way so that your message is clearly understood and you come across as easy-going and cute ;come.

To make things as easy as possible for you, I've come up with some cool, useful writing tips that will help you get your message across easily and make him go crazy about you with no effort at all!

1. Don't think about the perfect conversation piece, just focus on making them laugh!

When you're texting a guy, it's really hard to say the right thing at the right time and just hope he gets what you're saying without misinterpreting anything.

We're trying always saying the right thing to keep the conversation going and interesting and not just being answered out of politeness.

How about this: Instead of trying everything you can to get his attention and make him have to reply, think of something cute, casual, and funny that he loves ;will put a smile on his face as soon as he opens the message!

You're the only one who knows what this could be. Maybe something that happened on your first date that he found funny?

Maybe you said something naughty to a guy who was trying to hit you up and he was blown away by how badass you were are you?

Make something up, show him how funny and personable you are, and he'll love seeing your name on his screen!

2. Love teases each other!

If you're still friends (but want to make more of it) or if you're already together, there's nothing hotter than teasing him via chat without lifting a finger.

Teasing is the hottest thing you can do to a guy when texting to make him go totally crazy and it can't wait to see you again.

The secret here is to slowly torture him into wishing he could teleport to you right now!

Light a fire in him and give him an idea of ​​what expects him later.

Seduce him with words he sure can't resist and put all those sexy ideas in his head so he doesn't have to do anything for the rest of the day other things can think more.

Even if you're still trying to get to the dating phase, you can flirt innocently and show him how sensual and longing you are, but in a subtle (albeit sexy) way.

Show him how much you would like him to be with you now, but since that's not possible… you just need to find something to do by yourself (then he will want to come to you asap).

3. Open questions are the key to a good conversation!

Don't ask him anything and he'll just say "yes" or "No" can answer.

Try to be a little more innovative. Make him want to answer with more than a word or two.

Ask him something personal that he needs (but wants) to explain in more detail.< /p>

Create a positive, interesting chat atmosphere where he feels comfortable enough to tell you personal things that are important to him.

This will slowly develop into a full, deep conversation, and before you know it, this guy will be opening up to you more than either of you expected.

Be just not too pushy. If you see that he doesn’t want to talk about certain things, leave that for later when things are a little more serious and relaxed with the two of you.

Follow his lead and go ahead as far as you see fit.

After the interview he will feel really good and comfortable enough to talk to you about almost anything and you could soon become his number one confidante!

4. Tell him something personal about you to make him feel closer to you!

There is nothing that brings people closer together than personal ;like stories that really matter to us and make us who we are.

And if you tell the guy you're texting something in particular, he might feel like you're comfortable enough to talk to him about more serious and sensitive topics.

It will give him the impression that this is going to be something real and real with you.

Of course timing is the key here. If you've just started writing and it definitely is between you, wait and see that it remains exciting and entertaining.

But if you feel like you can tell him something more serious without possibly scaring him off, you can confide in him something not many people know about you.

First see if you feel like he's ready for it. If so, you're good to go.

Like I said, the texting secret here isn't overly complicated.

It's the simplicity that makes it so alluring.


Timing and pace are the only factors to watch out for here. The rest will take care of itself if the guy is right.

5. Don't get complacent; stay committed!

You two might go really well and you'll feel really good.

You've won his heart, your work is done here and you don't need to bother anymore.

Well, you're wrong.

No matter how well you have mastered the art of writing and how crazy he seems about you, you should never let it get to your head and stop trying completely.

Of course, if he's madly in love with you, that's your job, but don't show him that you don't want to try anymore once you hook him up.

< p>The guy deserves to know that even though he's crazy about you, you'll never stop being so cute, funny and eager.

And even though you win his heart either of you should stop wooing the other.

If you get smug, it can only go downhill from there.

Surprise send him an enticing, sexy message every now and then and keep showing him that the spark is still alive!

As long as you both try your best, your good, firm and g nothing stands in the way of a healthy relationship.

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